Synthetic Genomics the Next Manhattan Project?

The U.S. biochemist Craig Venter is herald a new message: Only if the man himself to the Creator, he can survive. Only through the creation of artificial micro organisms, which we produce energy and food, or keep our environment clean, we get the problems on this planet in the grip.

Craig Venter And who in the interview is over, the notes immediately: he means what he says. Who shakes his hand, the senses, this man wants early sixties not convince that he will prevail, so he pressed the hand of his opponent.

He wants his idea of a “DNA-Driven World”, an era of artificial genes, and is ready to realize that any resistance to break, for a better world, as he says.

It is quite him no matter what his partner thinks about this. And the visible evidence of all, he has sequenced his own genome published on the web. Anyone can look at it, download and analyze. That is almost shown to be operating:

Venter is intelligent, too intelligent, as he would be lowering themselves to, with someone to seriously discuss that is not on his level with the knowledge and capabilities of modern biochemistry familiar.

A Mike Tyson would not even sports journalists with a serious increase in the ring. Venter does not really unathletic but he is primarily an intellectual heavyweight with fighter instinct that you can feel his eyes and the way he responds.

He deviates from specific questions, then at the right moment with a scientific argument to the opponent a painful blow to them.

His cover is so good that even equal opponent, as the biologist Richard Dawkins (author of “The Selfish Gene”) it can not be dangerous. Impressive to watch during the panel discussion at the DLD conference in Munich, at the end of January.

Venter went there at least a point-winner in the ring, maybe it was even a technical knockout. This is his project so huge and so outrageous that he actually many opponents and critics would have.

At best it gives the site its own company, Synthetic Genomics, Information: “At Synthetic Genomics Inc., we are developing novel genomic-driven strategies to address global energy and environmental challenges.” Is it there. And it turns to is artificial, tailored and produced in the laboratory organisms, which can then be applied for a patent.

“God has a competitor now” has once wrote a colleague. And just as it is. Only it’s a teammate, who is himself grossly overestimated because he believes to know everything and yet sees nothing out of life.

That makes him so dangerous. Even if its once artificial bacteria generate energy for us and help us to keep the planet clean, we would not be rescued because the man no one else would.

For researchers such as Venter and Dawkins is in fact our soul a pure figment of our imagination, just a kind of spook and therefore they can not help us – on the contrary. Because who does not mind and soul to believe that the world can not do better, he can only one man on the technology in hand, after the performances will make use of their minds – for good and, unfortunately, certainly for worse.

Venter is still at a point right, we are marching with a tight step on the age of genes. And while our society e.g. still argue about climate change, and nothing gets on the chain, as Venter researchers are preparing our future, but we will no longer asked. The policy is only driven out anyway and has none of the present major problems in the world a solution (of the Iraq war was in any event, no!)

We are for this reason, legal rules and social conventions in dealing with these technologies are lacking and even if the world will one day be saved, it is the community of their living on another’s.
And Venter is a question in my mind, a false Messiah.

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