The Goonies 2? The Goonies Reunion? Chris Columbus talks about a sequel

Film Launches – For years, will have a continuation of the children’s film classic “The Goonies” from the year 1985 is spoken. On the occasion of the 20th Birthday of the Empire Magazine was two months ago the team of the original film, with director Richard Donner ( “Lethal Weapon”, “16 Blocks”), producer Steven Spielberg and actor Corey Feldman (Gremlins Horror-comedy, USA 1984 John C. Becher, Belinda Balaski, Ke …

“” Lost Boys: The Tribe “) and Sean Astin (” Lord of the Rings “trilogy) from the vague plans sequel to” The Goonies “is spoken. Now, screenwriter Chris Columbus (” Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ “Kevin – alone at home”) and actor Joe Pantoliano ( “Unknown”, “Blind Wedding”), currently are collaborating on the fantasy-comedy “Percy Jackson – Thieves in the Olympic team, in a chat with Sci-Fi Wire News on the sequel betrayed.

According to director Donner Pantoliano should try for “The Goonies 2″, the original actor of the film to re-engage. For Columbus it was logical that “the children are now parents and their children to be the Goonies.” “I still think that the two brothers (Note: Michael and Brandon Walsh) are alive and so could they also be in the movie,” Columbus will continue. Since the television, video games and the Internet are pervasive in everyday life, it is sufficient in a movie no more children into an adventure to send. So Columbus came to the idea that “the parents in the new” Goonies “movie could forbid their children to play on the Internet” because he believed that today the “Adventure is online.”

In Richard Donner, “The Goonies” from the year 1985 seven children went on a search for a pirate treasure. They begin their adventure in an abandoned summer restaurant on the beach, they become a catacomb system and eventually leads to a pirate ship. In the roles of the children were now well-known actors such as Sean Astin, Josh Brolin and Martha Plimpton ( “Another Woman”) to see.

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