Tommy Haas: His fiancee Sarah Foster motivates him

Almost without a practice match was Tommy Haas at the Australian Open at the start – on the recommendation of his fiancé Sarah Foster. As the only German achieve the 31-year-olds in Melbourne, the third round.

Actress Sarah Foster draws attention to the tennis grandstand orderly atmosphere for her fiancé Haas

Switzerland’s Federer cries as he watches the trophy being handed to Spain’s Nadal after their men’s singles final match at the Australian Open Tennis Down Under

The best scenes of the Australian Open

Tommy Haas (31) was the most successful player of the generation, Boris Becker and Michael Stich inherit. His best placing in the World 2002 as he reached number two. He was in Melbourne twice in the semifinals. His career was overshadowed by three shoulder operations. At the Australian Open 2009, he was the only German, the third round. There he meets Saturday (11.30 clock, Eurosport) to Rafael Nadal.

Mr. Haas, you have months and years paused, ever new comeback started. Why are you motivated?

Tommy Haas: I am a pensioner with 31? On the siding? No. I’m still hungry, I’m fit, I’m ambitious, I feel that I am still a danger for the Top Guns can be, for Federer to Nadal. It still tickles.

Australian Open, live ticker and results

Your fiancee Sarah Foster has recommended to you, here in Melbourne to start. Why?

Haas: Last year at this time I was hurt, and she has seen how sad I was that I was not at the Australian Open was able to play. Therefore, it has now also said: You schleppst frustration with you around, if you’re not going to Australia.

In the gallery is always quite alive when they pursued their matches.

Haas: It is an absolute freak tennis. She would even like to play well, but if we are on the square, she says each time: How do you do that only? She is my best Motivatorin, she pushes me, she pushes me, it was very important in this comeback. If I do not do my homework, she is the first of which says: Oops, what’s happening now. Either or, my friend.

19 out of 20 German professionals are eliminated after two rounds in Melbourne. That is a balance of terror.

Haas: Some had bad luck in the draw. But it is also true that you were not always those last wishes, this last bite, this one hundred percent devotion to see some German players. Kohlschreiber has really the bite and the game to come to the forefront. He is the best in the generation behind the jaw, shakers and Haas. He may just not even make life difficult.

How do you see Rafael Nadal, their opponent in the third round, the number one in the world?

Haas: Just as it is in the players lounge, in the changing room at the other players moves, since you already realize: This is a Leadertyp a winner. Since it would not see on the pitch. He is already a ausgeschlafener boy, cool, resolute, gripping. The fact that he always respects his opponents before the show is enjoyable. The boy was simply class. And how he played last year, which was murderous good. The Wimbledon final, I have pursued with an open mouth, there was only so much wonderment about class.

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