TRIKKE: High Tech Fitness on Three Wheels (VIDEO)

trikke_actionOn the tricycle to perfect condition. We have tested how to deal with the new role can fit Trikke, full-training with the Trikke you use around 1000 calories per hour

The Trikke works on a shift of body weight. The Trikke (pronounced Treik) is a grown-up scooter with three wheels. The sports device promises an amazing acceleration, supposedly up to 30 km / h. How it works: The driver pushes the Fußplattform slightly outward curve and goes into forward motion – such as when skiing. The whole thing works on a shift in body weight from one side to another. You go into serpent lines. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, this is a whole-body training that will have you around 1000 calories per hour.

trikke_action_2Trikke comes in several variants, from children to professional version device with disc brakes and pneumatic tires. The tricycle can be folded and thus easily transportable. Small Disadvantage: It weighs about ten kilograms. The price is 130 to 500 euros, depending on the version.
Magnified view Trikke Action: level lines master after a few minutes easy
trikke_450The editors have it out. When driving is especially coordination required. Initially you only with the hectic and full body movements used in momentum. Level and slightly sloping lines master after a few minutes without problems. There are problems with gradients: So easy movement looks difficult is it to figure out the correct rotation. Until the movement halfway sit several hours have elapsed. Comparable with the first steps on inline skates. Another drawback: Because the device is in queue lines moving, you need some space. Most pavements may already be too narrow. Plus point: We had to sweat properly, burned an average of more than 900 calories per hour, over 400 more than during walking.

Fitness Conclusion
The Trikke is a mobile gym, which, for example, you park in the whole body can be trained. Looks weird at first, but when the first turning out, would that make the cruising with the three mobile fun right mood, reports our tester. More information about the Trikke at

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