Vaishnavism: What is Vaishnavism?

Vaishnavism, generic term for the myriad forms of religious beliefs and practices of followers of Hinduism, which together are known as Vaishnavas and the deity Vishnu, the highest seen. Statistically, this is the most widely practiced religion in India.

In the course of history merged a number of Indian religion and Vedic cults drawidischen origin and formed a system of theological views and religious practices, which later became known as Vaishnavism. By the time of the Bhagawadgita (3rd century BC), many regional as gods revered heroes, including Krishna, the Vedic god Vishnu equated, which led to this to the highest God and Savior the world has been collected. An important early tradition was the Bhagavatas, in its broadest form the Pancaratra Tantra cults involved. All groups of Vaishnavism recognized Pancaratra theology as the basis for their ritual practices, in particular veneration of images, an. It is based on the idea that Vishnu as the supreme deity in various shapes disclosed, including the emanations (Vyuha) and incarnations (Avatar), but without the unity of his self-abandon.

Since 10 Century were the rites and theology of the Pancaratra with devotional worship (Bhakti) of the Tamil Alwar (South Indian Vaishnava poet) and the Orthodox Wedanta to unite a new synthesis, as Shri Vaishnavism-known. Shri Vishnu consort is Lakshmi, the intermediaries between God and his admirers, and also taking his power or Shakti represents. The key figure in the development of the Shri-Vaishnavism was the philosopher Ramanuja in the 11th Century, whose theology the complete devotion (Prapatti) to Vishnu, and therefore calls for the salvation of his grace alone subject. Others were pioneering scholars in the 13th Nimbarka century and Madhva, and in the 15th Vallabha century.

The Vaishnavism provide their body or their clothing with symbols of Vishnu often, such as his footprint, the shell horn and throwing the diskus similar projectile.

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