Vril Society and Nazi UFO (VIDEO)

Vril Society is the name of an alleged secret society, the early to mid-twentieth century in Germany, there should be. In a number of conspiracy theorists and pseudo-historical texts, it is claimed that she was on the rise of Nazism have been involved, have supernatural energy used during the Third Reich innovative aircraft to develop (so-called “Nazi” or “flying discs Reich”). For the existence of a secret society of this name and its benefits are attributed to lack of historical documents. Equally lacking any evidence of the historical significance, the representatives of this legend of the “Vril-Gesellschaft” and some actually existing occult groups was ascribed.

This amazing UFO stories also serve as the mystification of the Third Reich: The astonished, astrological and esoteric interested audience suggests the leadership of National Socialism was spiritually and scientifically been so potent that it is supposedly to media contacts extraterrestrial intelligences record and with which flying machines could build.

Various exponents of the auction scene brown even to claim that Hitler was in 1945 with such a missile ready to flee, and the victory from space before. On a UFO World Congress held in Zurich, for example, the Austrian Norbert J. Ratthofer on 25 February 1996, a lecture titled “The Vril Project: Coming soon, the final battle for Earth?” Instructive are the subtitles of the Unit: “Mystery of the Third Reich” and “UFOs – the Third Reich strikes back.” Van Helsing is based as well on Ratthofer.

vril-society The hope of the thousand years Reich gets new food. Such scenarios are intended to Hitler or the leaders of the Third Reich to rehabilitate and to explain its collapse or verbrämen. Although there are neither documents nor a credible witness for the existence of these UFOs are, the stories go round in these circles as fact. In their propaganda claiming the New Right, the allies had all documents relating to the “Vril projects” destroyed in order to prevent a myth around the Aryan supermen bilde.

About the origin and meaning of “Vril” circulate Various theories and views. “Vril” is a kind of super form of energy to symbolize, for example, the missile can reach speeds fabulous. The Vril Society should also deal with the cosmic or extraterrestrial aspects of the deal have mystical ideology. William Bramley writes in his book The Gods of Eden, the Vril-Gesellschaft was a homonym book by Lord Bulwer-Lytton, an English Rosicrucians, have been named. According to Bramley included Professor Karl Haushofer, his former assistant, Rudolf Hess and Heinrich Himmler to the members of the Vril Society.

It is significant that Van Helsing the chapter on the “Vril flying discs” with reflections on Hitler’s fate after 1945 is initiating. He summarizes the various theories in this brief ten lines. The most likely is that Hitler the “developments of the Vril Society for scoops has made in order to leave Germany” – he should have survived. And then follow 30 pages on the Vril Society, supported with documents alleged that the assumptions as “facts” appear.

Van Helsing explains hypocritical that the story about the Vril Society not quite fit in his book, which primarily treat political issues. Since it is the “most interesting society ‘turn to have ever existed, is the treatise of the Vril Society is a must. In reality, the chapter is highly political. It supports the thesis of the new rights, recognized that the historical treatises on the Third Reich would twist historical facts. In addition, Van Helsing thus glorifies the Nazi regime, which in scientific terms to the other nations for decades had been provided.

The fact that the Vril society not included in the ‘reputable history “took place, said Van Helsing with the conspiracy theory. Karl Haushofer, the magician of the occult Thule Society, is to the 1919 Order “Brothers of Light” was founded, which later in the Vril Society had been renamed. “In this united itself likewise the 1917 from the German Order of Knights Templar, resulting reestablishment, The Men from the Black Stone ‘(DHvSS) and, the Black Knights’ of the Thule and SS elite Black Sun’.” Between the Thule and Vril people have a lot of points where, for example, the mystical belief in the sunken continent Atlantis and Thule. The human relationships and mystical matches led to the concentration of the two organizations, it is said in secret societies.

In the literature of neo-Nazis is a secret meeting described in a forester in Ramsau in Berchtesgaden in December 1919 should have taken place. The medium Orsitsch Mary had a secret transmission Templergraben cryptograph obtain the scientific data on the construction of UFO-like missiles contained. As a transmitter of messages identified the fantastic medium the intelligences from the solar system Aldebaren of the 68 light-years away in the constellation Taurus is. When the aliens should be a branch of the “super-Aryans” act.

The Nazis did Van Helsing so their information via messages to receive telepathic way. Subsequently, the essence of the solar system in different directions Aldebaren have developed. The Lord of the Aryan nation or God man allegedly climbed higher levels of consciousness, the other tribes succumbed to the temptation of racial mixture and mentally degenerate. The Aryans chartered the inferior beings with their spaceships to other planets, says the adventurous thesis of neurechten books. They try so, the idea of the breed pure Aryans have a higher meaning and a prehistoric importance.

500 million years ago had the people on the basis of Mr. climatic changes allegedly fled from their planet. One part was on the earth and populated the two sunken continents now. As well as the Atlantis set, directed the “Aryan model” in the underground kingdom in the Himalayas A. They avoided contact with the “rassendurchmischten” people. The theories of occultists and Ufologen the “old” scene neurechten cover over so many parts.

But back to the “Vril-missiles.” The birth of the first “so-called German UFO” suggested in the opinion of Van Helsing in June 1934: “Under the leadership of Dr. WO Schumann entstand das erste Experimental-Rundflugzeug, das RFZ 1, auf dem Gelände der deutschen Flugzeugfabrik Arado in Brandenburg“ Beim ersten und einzigen Flug sei die Maschine etwa 60 Meter senkrecht aufgestiegen, habe zu trudeln begonnen und sei bei der Notlandung zerstört worden. “That was the end of the RFZ 1, but the beginning of the Vril-missile” wrote van Helsing. Soon after the flying disc was Vril-1-hunters have been developed, capable of a speed of 12,000 kilometers per hour have. From weltalltauglichen machine had been built 17 pieces.

The flying discs were always the largest and supposedly faster and got “Thule engines. As an eye witness, a former CIA agent quoted, declares that the machines would run perpendicular, right angle and fly can reach enormous speeds. Moreover, they are equipped with laser weapons have been. Here are descriptions of various flying discs, which give the impression that the Nazis had on whole fleets of such aircraft has objects.

Van Helsing builds into his stories and speculative mystical set pieces and political aspects. Thus, around Christmas 1943, a meeting of the Vril Society in the northern seaside resort of Kolberg took place, in which the two Nazi media Sigrun Maria and had participated. “The main theme of this meeting was the Aldebaran companies. The media had detailed information on the inhabited planets around the sun Aldebaran and one began getting a trip out there. “On 2 January 1944 had a meeting between Hitler, Himmler and leading representatives of the Vril Society took place: “You wanted the Vril-7-wide ship with a speed of light independent dimension channel to penetrate Aldebaran.”

At this point of the book is quite casually in a short section, the “fact” mentioned Hitler had toyed with the idea, the solar system of the Aryan god people to fly. Van Helsing suggests, the exponent of the Third Reich would have the technical know-how and the necessary machinery for this flight project. The speculations, interpretations and alleged facts are cleverly mounted and give the impression that leaders of the Third Reich had survived the Second World War. At least two “Vril flying discs” – one should “Odin” have told – was in April 1945 with some of the scientists and members of Lodges of Brandenburg “to Aldebaran started” after the test site in Antarctica would have blown up. Other large ships Vril had “important German personalities ranging to South America and Neuschwabenland” brought, it is said elsewhere of the book. “Neuschwabenland” was considered by the New Right, the secret research center, the Vril Society in Antarctica have to be. And in South America, the Nazis had set up secret bases in which they fled after the war were. This completes the circle: Van Helsing, and many right-wing ideologues hoping that the NS-top people, like New Christs, and return the new proceeds are Aryans.

The myth of “Neuschwabenland” rife neurechten actually in the scenes and in various esoteric-circles. In secret societies writes Van Helsing, for example: “! 938, a German expedition to Antarctica with the aircraft carrier, Schwabenland ‘performed. This has 600000 square kilometers of land to the German states, Neuschwabenland ‘. “There were still more than 100 German U-boats missing. It should accept that “they cut the air with wheels or at least with the building after Neuschwabenland fled ‘, says literally. Finally, Van Helsing spans the arc in the postwar period in which the observation of UFOs have increased. With an “abnormally high percentage of cases, which involve personal contact with the occupants of UFOs have been known”, it was voted “most beautiful specimens of the species, Aryans’ acted.

Van Helsing uses the Vril-thesis to the ground for the new conspiracy theory to it. The Allies had destroyed the documents to the historical behavior. By the Illuminati through the Anglo-American Zionist lobby controlled media and news world “shy no cost, the Germans refrain from inquiries about the Vril Society to be made. Van Helsing is true that there are no documents or give evidence. Nevertheless, he suggests, the backgrounds of the Vril society to know.

Right wing, esoterics, theosophists and UFO followers stylize secret societies into a cult book. The networking of these various scenes is also evident that the three volumes of secret societies hundred thousand were sold, although it is the reputable bookstores exiled from their range or for legal reasons, had to banish.

All the efforts of writers and thinkers neurechten their fascistic motives to hush up, can not obscure the real intentions. The Transfiguration of the Nazis as mystically advanced Redeemer is unmistakable, as is the mix of occult and political set pieces. Van Helsing and his many friends ethos still mourn the Third Reich, and hope for the coming of the Aryan supermen

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