What did Danielle do to Dina on Real Housewives?

Synopsis:* Never-before-seen footage from the first season; new commentary from the housewives and their families; post-dinner gathering.
What did Dina say she was going to do after being accused of spreading libelous allegations by Danielle?
Say a prayer for her daily

What did Danielle say Dina did while leaving the restaurant that made Danielle complain to Christine and Jillian?
Threatened her with violence

What did Danielle admit she did that were the only two truths in the book she brought to the dinner party?
Changed her name and got arrested

What did Danielle accuse some of the other housewives of doing after reading a book that mentioned her?
Showing it around in public

What did Danielle say Dina was doing during dinner that made her appear guilty?
Getting up and walking around nervously

What did Teresa do after Danielle told her to pay attention to what she was saying?
Flipped a table up while screaming obscenities

What did Danielle’s daughter Jillian say she wanted to do after saying it seemed like everyone was against Danielle?
Stand up for her as she was being attacked

What did Danielle say she was going to do after noting she would be attending Teresa’s dinner party?
Put her “best foot forward”
Land Rover Range Rover/Mercedes-Benz

What did Albie say Albert would have done if he had been at the party to witness the drama created by Danielle?
Made the family leave to avoid confrontation in public

What did Danielle say she did early on in the dinner party before noting she tried to stay focused on her goal for attending the gathering?
Failed to find the light humor funny

What did Jacqueline say Joe did after dinner that made Teresa upset?
Handed out champagne and tried to make peace
San Pellegrino

In a commercial during this show, what did a representative from a travel Web site do to surprise a group of men, before presenting all but one of them with checks?
Arrived in a large blue hovercraft as they were playing golf near some palm trees
Sends you back cash if someone books the same hotel as you for cheaper

In a commercial during this show, what happened when a woman looked at herself in mirrors while browsing in a store, before she applied a cream to her face?
Reflections of women who were younger and older appeared
Biore Dual Fusion Moisturizer
Strengthens skin and protects it with SPF30

n a commercial during this show, what did an “old mop” do as its former owner used a new cleaning product, and a song that asked “Don’t you want me?” played? Watched her as she appeared on screens in a store window
Swiffer WetJet
Kills most bacteria while cleaning completely

In a commercial during this show, what did a man do at a children’s birthday party after his wife asked a wireless company representative, accompanied by a crowd, a question?
Whacked open a donkey pi?ata that spilled out a constant stream of candy
Get unlimited calling to any ten numbers on any network………
LG Glance

In a commercial during this show, who played an electric guitar in a band and sang about being “depressed” over his credit report that would “haunt” him wherever he went, except his current location?
Guy in old-fashioned clothing in the middle of a Renaissance Fair
Allows you to easily take control of your credit

In a commercial during this show, how did a young boy encourage his parents to get healthier and to eat a cereal while his father said it was very “thoughtful” of him?
Carried tray into their room early one morning and woke them up
Clinically proven to reduce cholestrol

In a commercial during this show, what specific group of people “ran the world” easily using a certain wireless service?
Film crew that coordinated a wedding, even replacing the missing groom
Lets you communicate quickly so you can more done

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