Williams Syndrome

1028Williams syndrome is a rare genetic condition (estimated to occur in 1/10,000 births) which causes medical and developmental problems. Williams syndrome was first recognized as a distinct entity in 1961 by Dr. J. C. P. Williams of New Zealand. It is present at birth, and affects males and females equally. It can occur in all ethnic groups and has been identified in countries throughout the world.

Check out the website for Williams Syndrome: http://www.williams-syndrome.org/

From Wikipedia:

1041Williams syndrome (WS; also Williams-Beuren syndrome or WBS) is a rare neuro-developmental disorder caused by a deletion of about 26 genes from the long arm of chromosome 7. It is characterized by a distinctive, “elfin” facial appearance, along with a low nasal bridge; an unusually cheerful demeanor and ease with strangers; mental retardation coupled with unusual (for persons who are diagnosed as mentally retarded) language skills; a love for music; and cardiovascular problems, such as supravalvular aortic stenosis and transient hypercalcaemia. The syndrome was first identified in 1961 by Dr. J. C. P. Williams of New Zealand.

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