Yemen Airline Crash: Crash in front of the Comoros

Two devastating crashes, several breakdowns and emergency landings: Aviation expert Jan-Arwed judge is still on the high standards at Airbus convinced.

The June 2009 is a black month in the history of the aircraft manufacturer Airbus received. On 1 June collapses A330-200 of Air France on the way from Rio de Janeiro to Paris in the Atlantic, all 228 people on board died.

Only ten days later, an Airbus A320 returned to the Spanish charter airline Iberworld shortly after launch in Gran Canaria because of engine damage again. On 11 June, two Airbus aircraft in a day emergency landing. About the Pacific island of Guam reports a A330 of Jetstar Airways Australian fire in the cockpit. This was probably a faulty heating element in the windscreen, the pilots were able to delete the flames themselves.

After starting in Siberian Irkutsk, the crew of a A320 of Aeroflot a crack in the windshield of the cockpit fixed. All 122 passengers survived the emergency landing in Novosibirsk unhurt. In the early morning of the 30th June resolves a machine of Yemenia – Yemen Airways with more than 150 people on board before the East African Comoros from radar screens. Meanwhile, debris discovered in the Indian Ocean.

The flight inspection office JACDEC (Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Center) publishes annual statistics on security in global aviation. The index is calculated, among other things, the number of fatalities per flight performance. spoke with Jan-Arwed Richter, author of several books on aviation, in collaboration with his partner Christian Wolf, the database for the JACDEC-report.

Reporter:  The second plane crash within a month, plus a variety of margins and emergency landings – one can still with a quiet sense of Airbus into a rock?

Jan-Arwed Judge: Absolutely yes. The Airbus is generally considered a very safe airplane.

Reporter:  How do you evaluate Yemen Airways?

Judge: The Yemenia had a long time, no major crash. There was an incident in 2001 with no fatalities. In our Top 60 of the safest airlines worldwide still appears they did not give up.

First, it is a very small airline, on the other hand, we have no sufficient data JACDEC basis for our index. This may be because no continuous reporting by Yemenia to the ICAO (International Civic Aviation Organization) has been made, the international umbrella organization of civilian airlines.

As far as I know, will the machine accident but in a relatively normal state of conformity.

Reporter:  The accident aircraft was an Airbus A310-300, which identifies this aircraft?

Judge: This is an airplane, by the early eighties to late nineties was built, a shortened version of the current A300. It is characterized by a relatively high reliability. In Europe it is no longer used very often. The last casualty of an A310 was a crash of a Kenya Airways shortly after the start in Abidjan in 2000.

Reporter:  There is currently little information on the accident. It is said that the Airbus A310-300 was the approach to the Comoros flown by bad weather.

Judge: Just over the Indian Ocean, can often come thunderstorm formation. These charges are for aircraft under normal conditions, no problem. Mostly yes several causes lead to crashes, including the conduct of the pilots must be taken into account.

The straight accident A310 has very little in common with the off the coast of Brazil crashed Air France plane. At this stage to draw conclusions about the state of the machine or technical shortcomings to draw, I think is premature.

Reporter:  Despite the tragic crash of flight AF 447 against Brazil and the subsequent breakdown series, Airbus has recently extensive new orders reported by aircraft.

Judge: It was indeed not to be expected. However, the movement as a diversion to explain: For the end of June was the start of the new Boeing 787 announced, but this is delayed. Since the capacity plans of the airlines are medium-term perspective, many have instead of a new Boeing is now back ordered Airbus aircraft.

Reporter:  What impact will this new disaster on the image of Airbus have?

Judge: In people who understand what Airbus will have no impact. Once again: The standard of these machines is in every respect very highly. For passengers, the course is different. Since plays are not the only reason, but the gut feeling a role.

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