Novelty Neckties are not only a fashion statement, but a trend

by Robert Kelsey

Novelty neckties can be funny and amuse those around you if worn at the right time. But are you sure you know when it’s appropriate to wear one?

Although having a sense of humor is something to be proud of, not everyone can see the funny side of things. Making a joke at the right time when tensions run high can help everyone laugh at themselves and the situation they find themselves in. There are some people that are determined to remain humorless though, whatever the situation.

But showing you have a sense of humor by wearing a novelty necktie at the wrong times could make you the butt of a joke and have workmates laughing at you, rather than at your jokes.

Making the right choice of necktie for the right occasion is not always that easy, and novelty necktie wearers sometimes don’t get it right.

With the wide choice of novelty neckties to be found, you can make choices as diverse as your favorite film star, hobby, pet, the alcohol brand you prefer, or anything else you may find amusing or interesting. Wearing these at the right time and place is fine, but choosing to wear a novelty necktie to an important conference for instance is neither the time nor the place.

Use a bit of sensitivity when choosing your necktie for work. After all, wearing an ‘Edward Scissorhands’ necktie won’t make your patients feel any easier if you are a surgeon!

Whilst you may well see the humor in wearing a novelty necktie supporting the opposing team to a baseball match, not everyone in the crowd may feel the same way.

If you can’t bring yourself to wear a more sober and conventional tie on these occasions, then try and make a choice from one of the less noisy and more tasteful novelty neckties. There are more subtle choices to be made.

Just because its novelty doesn’t mean of course, it has to be funny. There are some rather nice art themed ties for example, and some of the connoisseur novelty neckties are actually quite tasteful.

Examples of themed ties that are not likely to offend anyone are perhaps those from works of art or scenery. The Mona Lisa may not be everyone’s favorite artwork, but at least it’s not going to upset anyone.

So you see you don’t have to give up your personality by being too sober or dowdy when making a choice of necktie, just ensure you are mindful of the event you are wearing it to.

Finding new novelty neckties nowadays is not a difficult thing to do either. Tee shirts and vests have long dominated the themed clothing market, but baseball caps with funny slogans and novelty neckties are fast catching up.

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