How To Combat The Effects Of Menopause On Your Skin

[I:]We’ve had to go through puberty, then pregnancy, next up – menopause! What new form of hell will we be afflicted with now? Unfortunately, a lot. But I’m not going to get into hot flashes and weight gain. Skincare, pre and post menopause will give me enough to write about.

This too is due to menopause when our body chemistry changes and we become a slave to estrogen.

During menopause we lose a lot of our estrogen which is a very important part of our skin’s functions. This loss points directly to the uneven skin color, skin sensitivities, skin elasticity, hair production and even the production of the oils our skin needs. It’s time to step up our skincare regimen in order to combat: – Thin loose skin – Dry skin and wrinkling – Loss of collagen and glycosaminoglycans which help plump the skin – Less scalp hair and more facial hair (something wrong with that) – Easier bruising and longer healing times

What can we do to combat this!? If plastic surgery is not for you, there are some ways to combat the loss of estrogen and its effects on our skin.

Collagen helps to plump our skin, so look for products that contain collagen or glycosamine. It may come in supplement form or as an ingredient in a skincare product and can be found at the pharmacy or health store.

To help thicken skin and cull the dead skin cells, use products with Alpha-Beta Hydroxy Acids (AHA). Always wear sunscreen when taking AHAs since it may increase your sun sensitivity.

Always use sun protection when outdoors, even in the winter. There are lots of cosmetic foundations available these days that offer sunscreen.

One of the many things that are skin does is to keep moisture contained within our body. But with aging skin, the ability to do this lessens and our skin needs some help. That’s why it’s important to use a body lotion to help keep that moisture in. Seaweed and algae extracts are great moisture retention agents and can be found in creams and facial products.

Include foods in your diet that are full of anti-oxidants. The natural and gradual loss of anti-oxidants in our system causes a lot of skin deterioration. Some of the highest ranking anti-oxidant foods are berries, broccoli, garlic, tomatoes and green tea. It wouldn’t be difficult to include just those 5 into your diet every day and there are so many more.

Until the time machine is invented we’re stuck with going through menopause. However, we must put up our best fight, work a little harder and go gracefully and beautifully into our upcoming years.

Alex is a freelance graphic artist with a passion for writing. She understands the value of looking and feeling great when meeting new people and believes in simple, natural skincare. If you enjoyed this article, check out a few of her other articles on skincare; Seven Secrets Of Skincare or Rejuvenate Your Skin With Facial Exercises.

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