Product Review About The HT-1650 Massage Chair

Human Touch is known for its innovative designs and effective massage therapies in its product line. This is a review of perhaps one of the most unique massage chairs on the market today, the HT-1650 massage recliner. This is a massage chair disguised as a leather recliner. We will make an evaluation of five relevant areas of a massage lounger and assign a rating in points. Let us take a look at the unique HT 1650 massage recliner.

Warranty & Customer Service: Your long term product protection is a function of the length and breadth of the warranty on the product you buy. Big ticket items like a massage chair need to have adequate coverage to offset the money you are paying. The HT 1650 comes with the following warranty coverage: you get 5 years on the structure; you get 3 years for parts; you get 1 year of labor (factory service) and in field service is covered for 90 days. The warranty coverage provided by Human Touch for this luxury massage recliner is fairly good. Customer service is through a national call center and they are pretty responsive. We give the HT1650 a 17 in warranty coverage and customer service.

Comfort & Ergonomics: Comfort is extremely important in the case of the 1650. This leather recliner is disguised as a massage chair. So if it is not comfortable to sit in, then it is a marketing disaster. Luckily, Human Touch has done its home work and has made this chair very comfortable. The material selection is fine grain leather that is nice to the touch. It has sufficient padding and the leg rest does not have any hint of a massage chair. Also, a pocket is used to store the remote and no remote holder is visible. Human Touch has done a great job with the 1650 and we give it a 19.

Ease of Use: Massage chairs have more functions and features every single year. It is vitally important that the chair is intuitive to use and not overly complicated. The HT 1650 comes with a two-sided, slim controller. The controls are laid out well and the function buttons are actually on two faces of the controller. The massage functions are clearly labeled and most functions can be set up with one or two button pushes. This massage recliner gets a 19 in ease of use.

Key Features: The key feature of the HT-1650 is the fact that it looks like a regular leather recliner. The other key feature is 8 automatic massage programs. The 1650 has a patent protected flipping leg ottoman built into the chair. When you don’t want a calf massage, you can hide it and it is concealed in the chair. When you are ready for a calf massage, you can flip it out and it’s ready for use. Nice! Hidden inside this recliner are eight automatic massage programs that will soothe and relieve you. This chair gets an 18 for its key features.

Massage Therapy: The massage therapy is the most important element of the massage chair. With the HT 1650 you get the following massage possibilities: 4 manual massage functions and 8 automatic massage programs. The manual massage functions include: rolling, compression, kneading and percussion. The 8 automatic programs include: full body sore muscle relief, sports and back therapy, leg- foot-hip therapy, neck-shoulders relief, after work stretch, morning wake up, night time soothing, and massage demonstration. These 12 treatments give you a wide range of options to hit all the areas and trouble spots you may have. The calf and foot massager provides a compression massage. You can target either the feet or calves. The air compression massage works by performing a squeeze, hold and release movement. This massage is very effective in removing tightness in the calves and feet. The HT-1650 earns a 17 in massage therapy.

So how does the HT1650 rate overall in this product review? In summing up the scores we rate the HT-1650 a 90/100. The massage therapy is pretty effective in this massage chair. We really like the fact that it is a massage chair in disguise. This enables you to place it in almost any room in the house. The remote is a nice slim design and tucks away into a pocket rather having a remote stand. If you are looking for a massage chair that does not look like one, then this is certainly the massage chair recliner for you.

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