Summer Camp Selection No Easy Task

[youtube:RoF47hsphXM?fs=1;[link: Find A Summer Camp];] Each year children head off to summer camp. Often, kids find out about camps from others who are returning. Yet, parents need to be a bit more intentional in their search. Here are a few questions to help you become more informed bout locating a good summer camp

Q: What are Overnight Summer Camps ? A: A summer residential (overnight) camp keeps children overnight and usually for weekends. Session lengths can vary depending on the camp, from 1 week, 2 weeks, a month, or the entire summer. Some residential camps have specialties while other are traditional camps with a range of outdoor activities.

Q: Why should I send my child to an academic camp for a vacation? A: Academic camps have learning as the key focus, yet, it is not school. They do not teach in a traditional classroom. They encourage and develop experimentation and a hands on approach to learning. Instead of just doing math calculations, for instance, math camps create a project for a group of children. The children then have to work together and apply their math to complete the project. The successful completion of a project brings recognition and a reward instead of a grade. Most often Nature camps are the most popular For children who enjoy science and nature. Some academic camps balance fun and learning creating a special fun environment.

What is a Summer Adventure Camp? A: An adventure or wilderness camp caters to older children, some up to age 18. Usually, Some of the activities may involve risk. The purpose is to provide excitement and self-dependence. Some wilderness camps specialize taking out of camp trips like hiking or canoe trips, others simply provide activities like wind surfing and white water rafting that involve an element of risk and create thrills. This type of camp is best suited to children who enjoy taking a calculated risk and can grow from the benefits of accepting a challenge. These camps, although they sound risky always take reasonable precautions to insure the safety of campers and staff.

Summer camp is an amazing opportunity for your child to personally grow be sure your child participates this summer! Do not let another summer go by without your kid attending some sort of summer camp. Find the best Summer Camp

Swift Nature Camp, is a noncompetitive, Overnight Summer Camps that blends a traditional Children’s Summer Camp program for Boy and Girls ages 6-15 with that of a Science Summer Camps. We specialize in programs for a child’s First Time at Camp.

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