Set Your Goals, or Stranger Will Do It For You

Ever drive along and wonder why it is that you're heading in the wrong direction?

Usually this the way in which you go continually, as you are on auto pilot thinking about other things. What if you were doing this in other areas of your life, whether you realized it or not?

The Miriam-Webster dictionary has a definition for goal, which states, ‘the end towards which effort is directed? Given that lots of people set goals, it is obvious that you must set your direction, right?

The miserable fact of the situation is that if you do not set your direction, some other person will, be it your boss, a partner, a pal? You get the picture. Its like you could be driving, but hey they?ve punched where you?re going in the sat-nav.

Before you realise it, you've spent the nicest bit of 20 years in a cul-de sac job, doing what folks wanted you to do, unaware of the fact that all along you've had choice in the problem.

Most individuals go through life considering all the things they do not want, and yet couching in terms that they suspect are positive. Do you know any individual that wants to stop smoking, to drink less, to eat less, for example. ?

These people might have been thinking they have set a direction, but they have not. You can?t drive forwards at speed while looking through your mirror.

The more we focus upon lacking on something, leaving it behind, giving it up, the more we end up being pulled toward it. You see there is nothing to fill the void, zip to push you forwards, because you have nothing to aim for!

If you are “trying” to lose weight you should be concentrated on what you want to be, and how you'd be acting if you were your ideal weight.

If you want to stop smoking, and you spend all your time giving up smoking, concentrating on the cigarettes, it is not very likely to work. Perhaps you go for a patch, but then you substitute one problem for another, though not where you want to be!

What is the lesson here? Set your own direction and focus upon that, and you?re more certain to end up where you need to be.A good way of doing this is the employment of online vision boards within Facebook.

So be the driver rather than the driver in your life.

Andrew Wilkin is an Accomplished NLP Specialist, Certificated Hypnotherapist and the deviser of Dream Timeline, a free site to help people visualise their dreams using online vision boards.

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