So What's Truly Hampering You Now?

Have you ever had a feeling of being held back from where you need to be, that you're not being allowed to achieve your actual potential?

That's good, because it shows you wish to be somewhere, those feelings of hurdles or obstacles in the way is only there to tell you that you're intended to be somewhere and you?re on an expedition.

Some individuals see these barriers as challenges that let them know they are on the right path. Safe in the realization that they will find a way over or round it somehow, they carry on towards your dreams.

Other folks however walk around carrying their stumbling blocks around as millstones around their neck, coloring their each move and call.

Another bunch of people will select never to ever ever try, so they never fail, retreating to the safety and security of ?it may work for them, nevertheless it will never work for me?

Whilst it's a ordinarily held belief that more time, more cash, more data is what you're lacking, in fact it is generally more self belief and more action in the direction that you would like to travel that's required.

So it's not so much what is out there that holds us back, but instead what is in us that does. Our mindset repeated and determined actions dictate our likelihood of success more than our circumstances or there wouldn't be such a thing as poverty to wealth story?

You may either use your time concentrating on all the stuff that didn't go your way, the set backs you encountered, and the openings you missed; Or you realize that within each set back or failure lies the seed of a larger success or opportunity.

Because as the boxing saying claims, It is not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get back up’. The choice is yours, stay down and chuck in the towel, or realize like Edison inventing the light, you just found another way of not doing it, and you can bring the light to the world.

Andrew Wilkin is an Accomplished NLP Practitioner, Certificated Hypnotherapist and the originator of Dream Timeline, a free site to help people visualise their dreams using online vision boards.

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