What Is Effective Goal Setting? ———- Most experts in goal setting are in agreement that the manner in which you set your goals determines their effectiveness. There are a number of guidelines that you can use to make your goal setting more beneficial.

by Dick Ingersoll

For starters, be sure and make your goals a positive statement. Key in on what you want, not just something that sounds good. This may seem an obvious statement; however, many of us inadvertently focus on what we don’t want. When we do this we give our energy to the wrong result.

Second, be as precise and as specific as you can be when goal setting. Decide on dates and times that you plan on Completing your goal. If you are focusing on a money goal, then make sure you state the exact amount you are focused on achieving.

Put your goals into small steps that are plausible and reachable. If your goals are too big, you will tend to become disheartened. Setting small achievable steps will have the effect of building momentum and pushing you toward your end goal. Remember the old saying: You can only eat a hamburger one bite at a time and taking big bites can make you choke.

Next, be sure and prioritize your goals. Having too many goals is just as bad as having none at all. We can successfully focus on one thing at a time. This doesn’t mean you can not have many goals. This means that it is best to keep only necessary and reachable goals. In this way we can give our energy to one goal at a time and not become weighed down.

In goal setting, don’t be afraid to amend your goals as you go along. This doesn’t mean you are failing. Things happen and we often face complications we didn’t plan on when working on our goals. Examine how you feel about your goals at that point. If some of them have become no longer important, then drop them and focus on the ones you still want. Allow yourself room to bend, but, at the same time, keep your eye on your long term reward.

One of the most powerful acts in goal setting is writing them down. The very act of writing down your goals provides a kinesthetic connection to our brains. It helps make our goals believable and achievable. Some goal setting experts support writing down your goals every day. This reinforces the goals. Try for yourself and see if it works for you.

Finally, your goal setting and achieving should be fun and enjoyable. If your goals become labor, then you need to reassess them. Effective goal setting should bring a sense of pride into your life and make your life an adventure.

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