Post Lap Band Surgery Eating

by Amy Nutt

Lap Band surgery for weight loss is quickly becoming a viable option for overweight people in Toronto and elsewhere. Several Toronto Lap Band surgery clinics offer the procedure, which involves a constrictive band being placed around one’s stomach, limiting its size and therefore the amount of food one is physically able to eat. If you think Lap Band surgery may be the appropriate weight loss option for you, there is a multitude of information that will help you know what to expect and help you determine whether it is in fact right for you. Below are some guidelines concerning how Lap Band surgery will affect your eating habits and what you can expect to eat following weight loss surgery.

Week 1

Immediately following your CIBO Clinic Lap Band surgery your nutritional intake will consist of only liquids. During this stage, your stomach will only tolerate thin liquids. Depending on which Toronto Lap Band clinic you select, as well as several other factors, you will consume only liquids from 3 days up to an entire week and a half after the procedure takes place. Liquids that can be consumed during this phase include water, fruit juices, milk (but only skim milk), chicken or beef broth, sugar free popsicles, etcetera.

Week 2 (or 3)

Following the all-liquid diet that must be adhered to in the days after Lap Band surgery, you will be eating only pureed foods. You can expect to eat only pureed foods for about two weeks following the all-liquid phase of the post-Lap Band surgery diet. These foods may be provided by your Toronto Lap Band surgery clinic or prepared at home. During this stage, you can still expect your dietary intake to be monitored closely by your doctor and her staff. This is the post-Lap Band surgery stage where you begin to introduce slightly textured foods. The consistency you will be looking for in acceptable foods is similar to that of baby food. During this phase focus on eating foods rich in proteins first, then move on to vegetables and fruits. You will be able to eat foods richer in calories during this stage than later stages, because the focus at this point is on transition rather than weight loss. Below is a list of some pureed foods that are acceptable pureed foods:

– Pureed, skinless low fat meats such as chicken and fish – Thin mashed potatoes without butter – Pureed or mashed peas – Low fat yogurt – Low fat pudding

Week 4 (or 5)

After successfully completing the eating stage where only pureed foods are allowed, you will be ready to transition to soft foods that contain a bit more substance. During this stage, you will begin to introduce tender foods such as flaky fish and ground turkey. Since you will be able to chew at this point, make sure that you chew each bite thoroughly. If you do not chew your food enough, you may be susceptible to vomiting, stomach irritation and swelling. Foods such as bread, red meat and rice may cause problems as they are more difficult to digest. If the foods you are eating cause nausea or vomiting, you may need to go back to the liquid diet for a few days.

Regular Eating

After going through the aforementioned phases of post-Lap Band surgery eating, you will begin to transition into eating regular foods again. The rate at which you are able to introduce different foods into your diet will be unique to you and depend on how your body is handling the transition. Make sure you are in constant communication with your Lap Band Clinic, doctor or dietitian with regards to eating advice that is specific to you.

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