What Is The Best Stress Relief?

by Jeff Fenske

Vacations are one of the best forms of stress relief. Unfortunately, not everyone can take the vacation of their dreams or liking. Frequently, where or when you go is intertwined with other people’s desires as well as your own. A vacation of your choosing is the best stress relief but since I know that is not always going to happen, let me give you some quick tips you can use right now, right where you are.

The best stress relief strategy is to not try and completely eliminate all of your stress at once. Instead, begin by making gradual changes through changing habits and gradually working in stress relief strategies that do work.

There are many different ways to relive stress.

Puzzles can challenge your skills and provide an effective relief of stress by forcing your mind to focus on things other than what are causing stress. Puzzles come in many new formats to challenge your skills.

Another good option is gardening. Nothing quite as nice as getting your hands in the earth. Of course, I use gloves to avoid the dirt under the nails. Do something that requires some physical exertion like hacking through the briars, picking berries.

Most of the time we are too busy to notice the beauty of nature around us. We’re so focused on the negative stress that we totally ignore or don’t let in what is a natural stress releiver. Go for a drive in the country, to the lake or ocean, to the mountains and spend some time observing.

Could you make an effort to add only one simple pleasure to your day?

Start a hobby. it doesn’t have to be expensive. I started buying little cacti from the local 99 cent store and replanting. Potting soil is pretty cheap as are pots and even if you’ve never had success before, try a cactus. Really, they’re easy to grow and they grow fast and many of them have flowers that bloom.

Try some natural stress relief through natural stress reducing supplements. They are frequently as good or better than big drug company prescription drugs.

Music can alleviate a lot of stress. It can calm the children, providing you don’t overdose them with sugar and you are the person repsponsible for the selection of the music! Try singing or dancing with the kids, or your spouse for that matter.

Try picking up an instrument on ebay. Get something easy that you can play around with and have some relaxing fun. I ended up getting a bunch of odd and unusual noise makers for fun but also a nice Native American flute that even I can make sound good.

The Bible indicates that we can make melody in our hearts. You can also speak blessings to yourself. The body reacts differently when it hears you speak a blessing to yourself over someone else speaking to you. If you need tips, pick up a CD and repeat them to your self while driving or working around the house.

Stress can be releived by exercise. It provides a way for the body to get rid of all the tension and frustration. Exercise can heal the mind as it shapes your body.

With exercise, you can get a boost of self-confidence that goes with knowing that you’re the best that you can be.

I know good humor can be hard to find, but laughter is some of the best medicine. It helps you to relax, reduces your anxiety as you realize things are not as bad as you may have allowed them to become. Your body physiologically improves with laughter.

You’ve heard the expression, take only photos and leave only footprints? Get out and take some shots-with a camera. Experiment with close-ups of people and flowers and insects. It can be an amazing form of relaxation and stress release. Who knows, maybe you have a hidden talent never discovered.

Whatever you choose as your preferred stress relief tip, remind yourself that taking the time to find your mental wellness on a busy day is one of the better things you can do for your overall wellness and well-being.

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