4 Interesting Details About Moles, From Alternative Earthcare

Moles are looked at differently from person to person. Animal lovers might see them as endearing creatures, but long-time homeowners will probably regard them as nuisances and nothing more. The latter situation is where mole control from Alternative Earthcare might come into the picture. For those who are curious to learn more about these creatures, here are 4 of the most interesting things that you should know.

Even though they might seem like it, moles are not officially seen as rodents. Unlike other rodents that eat meat, moles are primarily insectivores, according to companies like Alternative Earthcare. They can even go as far as to consume bugs that they find when burrowing underground. It’s a common mistake that people make, when talking about moles, but it’s just one of many interesting facts that east end tick control experts can relay to you.

While sight isn’t the strongest sense that moles have, they aren’t blind like the majority of people assume. As a matter of fact, these creatures can detect light and movement alike. One can argue that the ability to see light doesn’t matter as much, since moles are used to darker spaces like the small tunnels they create. In any event, referring to moles as “blind” would be nothing short of a mistake.

When it comes to the abilities that moles possess, digging is perhaps the one that ranks highest. You have to keep in mind that they have the ability to dig up to 18 feet per hour, which is nothing short of amazing. After all, it will take a human multiple hours in order to even make a sizable dent in that respect. Moles can dig, but the rate at which they do so is nothing short of surprising.

If you think that moles are nocturnal, like many people believe, you have to know that this is far from the truth. The main reason why this myth exists has to do with the fact that moles are most active during the night. However, this is mostly due to how much calmer the environment is during this time, given that the majority of people are asleep by then. This does not necessarily mean that the term “nocturnal” can be associated with moles.

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