A Guide To The Most Common Golden Retriever Problem Behaviors

by Carol Matthews

Before you get a Golden Retriever it is important that you be aware of the most common Golden Retriever problem behaviors. This is because otherwise you may not understand what you are getting into and then not know how to deal with the problems if and when they arise. When it comes to Golden Retriever problem behaviors there are a few in particular which are especially common, including separation anxiety.

Golden Retrievers are attention-seeking dogs and although they typically do not lash out if they do not get enough attention it will make them more somber and ill tempered. These dogs just love their owners and develop a close relationship with them, and so when they are away from them it can be difficult for them to deal with. The key issue here then is learning how to solve the separation anxiety problem with your Golden Retriever and getting them to be able to deal when you are not at home.

Of all the Golden Retriever problem behaviors, separation anxiety is definitely one of the most common. There are ways to solve this problem however, and first you should know that lavishing the dog with attention right before you leave the house each time is probably one of the worst things that you could do. This is only making your departure more noticeable. This will only begin making the pet that much more sad and disappointed once you do finally leave.

Instead of petting and kissing them goodbye before you leave, you want to intentionally decrease interaction with them prior to leaving. This will make your departure less noticeable and the dog may not even realize that you are gone until you return in some cases.

This means intentionally decreasing interaction with the dog prior to leaving even though you may think that the best idea would be to lavish them with attention to make up for the time that you will be missing. Another idea is to provide an immediate distraction for the dog right before leaving, so throwing a toy or bone would work well here.

Separation is definitely the most common but only one of many Golden Retriever problem behaviors. Although it can be frustrating it is important to realize that there are things that can be done and solutions that can be used in order to help with this problem. One of the best things that any owner can do to help their dog with this sort of problem is take them to a dog training class or course.

Dog training is one of the best solutions when it comes to dealing with problem behaviors in dogs, and there are some great professional dog trainers out there who will be able to help you.

There are even some dog trainers who will come directly into your home, which will be advantageous because then you will be able to learn the skills that they implement and use them on your dog once the trainer has left.

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