African Grey Toys Tend To Be Rather Specific

When one has a parrot, it is necessary to get the right African grey toys, should your pet be of that species. Birds such as these are very curious. They are quite inquisitive and love finding out what is happening in the world around them.

Birds of this breed are usually very lively, seeking things to play with all the time. It is a good idea to find the correct toy for the birds to enjoy. Many people say that these birds can be very shy of new items. This can indeed be the case. When introducing a new toy it is always a good idea to play with the toy before putting into the cage. Let them see that the toy is not going to harm you, and then think in return that if it can’t harm you and that you can play with it, that they would be safe doing the same.

When purchasing a toy for the beloved bird, there are a few things that are important to be born in mind. Make sure that the toys purchased are not made of any harmful materials. Many playthings are made of sea weed, which makes it safe for the parrot to play with. One can get many different items for these parrots, such as, steel models, coconuts, bird safe rubber and high impact plastic are acceptable for these items.

Greys are very intelligent birds and can become very bored with the toy in their cage. They love to untie knots, do small puzzles, play with levers and wiffle balls as well as bells. It is important to make sure that the cage accessories are strong enough for these birds to hang from.

Bare in mind the size of the bird. Get size appropriate items for the bird. Getting small ones for a fairly large bird makes no sense at all. All that happens is that they destroy the toy in a matter of minutes and then go back to being bored. Never purchase a toy that has sharp edges as this endangers the bird’s beak and tongue.

Bird toys can be made from a variety of different materials. It should be remembered that the equipment must not consist of hazardous materials. Many of the products for these birds are made of sea weed, which is great for them, as they can pull it apart without any danger.

Parrots also enjoy cardboard and they make quick work of chewing it to pieces. One can use a nut wrapped in paper for the bird to unwrap or a wine bottle cork. For hanging on, one can make up a rope toy for them. Unwaxed paper cups and a ball point pen with the ink refill removed can keep them interested for hours on end.

Try keeping all the bits and pieces of the old toys which have been used to store in a box. That way, one can make up other African grey toys with the various left over parts. Beads are very interesting to parrots and they are fascinated for long periods of time by these mysterious toys.

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