Avert the Squirrels from Destroying Your Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are really efficient when it comes to attracting birds; after all it’s basically what they’re designed for. With it, you can enjoy watching various types of birds eat at medium range. Nothing beats having to relax on your patio or yard while watching birds sing and interact with each other. However, as nice as this thought might be, there is one recurring problem that bird feeding owners have in common, squirrels.

Squirrels can prove to be your worst nightmare as not only do they steal the feed, they can also ruin your bird feeders. They are agile creatures that can walk on wires, are able to leap from branch to branch, and gets over obstacles easily. So in this sense, you might find it difficult placing the feeder in a location where it will not be disturbed and ravaged by this animal.

When choosing a feeder, pick those that are either made from hard plastic or metal so that squirrels won’t be able to damage them. There are specially made feeders that are surrounded by a wire cage. This will be very effective in keeping other animals away. When hanging your bird feeders, make sure to place them a couple of meters from a tree trunk or fence post. Have them at least 1 meter away from the ground. This is a good strategy to prevent the squirrels from jumping on to your feeders.

Bird feeders that have baffles installed can also prove to be great squirrel deterrents. A baffle is designed much like an umbrella, which is placed either above or below the feeder, preventing squirrels from getting to the equipment itself. Add up a part of piping over the post where the feeder is hung up if you like. You can also select a device that has perches on them; it will collapse up on anything other than the weight of a small bird. This is a good way to prevent squirrels, and big birds from eating all of the food.

Squirrels love to eat nuts, try to add seeds and other foods for your birds instead. If you feel sorry for them then you can add or build a feeding station on the ground. This is a way to help you prevent them from ruining your viewing for birds. Try to be creative and come up with various ways to prevent other animals from destroying or chasing away your birds. As soon as you see the problem, solve and work on a solution as soon as possible.

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