Bringing Your New Puppy Home for the First Time!

by Tony Buel

There’s something about puppies that always brings out a bright smile on the faces of children. If you are thinking about a birthday gift or a Christmas gift for your child, a cute little puppy may be just the thing. You will be guaranteed to get a full beaming smile and a big hug. And your child will have future full of memories that will last for life.

Puppies will adapt to their new environment relatively quickly, you don’t need to worry about that. But there are a few things you need to seriously consider before taking the plunge and committing to a new puppy.

A puppy will need a certain amount of space and a decent amount of attention as they mature. They are not toys that you can just place anywhere in the house. They are tender hearted and can be easily frightened if there is a lot of racket. A relaxed and non-chaotic and stable environment is necessary for your puppy to mature in a healthy way.

You may need a few days to prepare for the arrival of this new family member to your home. A few rules may need to be ironed out to make this transition go smoothly and every family member is prepared. And when the time comes, slowly and in a relaxed way introduce the puppy to every member of the household. Puppies have the tendency to slowly adapt to the scents that help it to remember family members and other pets. Help the puppy get acclimated to his new environment. After all, the little guy is experiencing a lot of changes all at one time.

If you have other pets in the house, make sure they are secure. At least until the new puppy becomes familiar with their scent. Also, secure areas of your home where you may not want the puppy to go such as the kitchen or children’s bedrooms so that the puppy will not enter and make a mess of things.

Have a place that will be the puppy’s sleeping place as well as a place for the bathroom. Keeping the puppy there for small stretches of time will help it to adapt to his new home enviroment more easily.

Doing these small things will ensure a smooth transition for your puppy and family members and will guarantee a more enjoyable and stress free experience.

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