Bulldog Obedience Training: Tailor Your Methods

by Bobby Callahan

The bulldog is a smaller version of the Mastiff and has descended from the Alaunt, Bandog as well as Mastiff dog breeds. The breed is also well loved in all parts of the world because of his excellent appearance, because he often behaves like a clown and also because of the outstanding companionship that he provides to his owner. Of course, it presupposes that Bulldog breeding has followed best breeding standards and that the Bulldog has been properly socialized as well as given the right Bulldog training.

The important thing is that you should make the Bulldog obedience training a fun activity for yourself and also for your pet and by using positive reinforcement you will be promoting desirable behavior in your bulldog. After your bulldog has attained the age of thirteen to sixteen weeks, he will be ready for serious Bulldog obedience training although he will still test your limits of patience and endurance because he will try and dominate you rather than allow you to dominate him.

After you have properly imparted proper Bulldog training, you will be gratified to see that your efforts will have borne fruit because then you can enjoy the company of this cuddly dog breed that is also one of the best breeds when it comes to being around little children. Of course, they will also often prove to be a bid difficult to train, but thanks to their capability and by giving them early Bulldog obedience training, you will not face much trouble provided you let him know that you are the leader and the boss.

The best time to begin Bulldog obedience training is as soon he becomes the newest member of your home and you will do well to form a strong relationship with your pet because that will help him learn what is desirable behavior and what is not. For those Bulldog owners that have never trained a dog before, even sending your pet to a dog obedience training class is recommended, after which you can continue the Bulldog obedience training at home.

Though it may be difficult to teach an old dog new tricks, nevertheless, it is never too late to begin Bulldog obedience training. Though of course making a start with Bulldog training at as early a stage as is possible will prove to be easier on both the owner as well as the pet.

Also, you should expend every effort in preventing accidents rather than trying to cope with them and using crate training is also recommended, when housebreaking your Bulldog.

Second off, you can improve your Bulldog’s behavior by using positive reinforcement and giving him rewards whenever he behaves in the correct manner is a step in the right direction. Using praise as well as rewards is a proven and effective means of buttressing your Bulldog obedience training efforts though you need to ensure you time the giving of rewards appropriately.

Also remember that over training and heaping too much praise on your pet are counterproductive measures, which should be avoided at all times.

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