Can Dog Aromatherapy Products Change Your Pets Mood?

by Amy Nutt

Aromatherapy has been used for decades to soothe human beings, but more recently, pet owners are realizing the incredible value of using dog aromatherapy to help dogs live happier, more contented lives.

What is Dog Aromatherapy?

The concept of aromatherapy isn’t a new one. Smells affect us drastically and since dogs have a far keener sense of smell, it stands to reason that aromas would have a powerful effect on them as well. Dog aromatherapy is possibly even more effective than human aromatherapy for this very reason.

The use of essential oils and essential oil blends is the basis of aromatherapy of all types. However, it isn’t necessary to use it as is. Many products exist for applying the essential oil in a more diluted fashion. Using dog shampoo or a specially formulated spray for your dog can work wonders. Often pet owners find that combining a warm bath with a good aromatherapy blend is the best way to treat their dogs. This method of treating your dog has many benefits, but perhaps the biggest one is simply that dog aromatherapy is all natural and uses ingredients that your pet will love and that won’t irritate allergies.

Does It Actually Work?

You may be skeptical about the effect of dog aromatherapy, but it is definitely worth a try. If your dog tends to be hyper or nervous and anxious, try giving him a bath with a soothing essential oil soap and you’ll notice a big difference. Calming a pet isn’t the only use for dog aromatherapy, though. In fact, there are so many uses for this wonderful therapy that no matter why your dog?s mood, you can improve it.

– Increase appetite. For dogs who aren’t interested in food, a good aromatherapy treatment can boost their appetite and get them eating again. – Soothing. For the nervous dog, a calming treatment works wonders and can even help your dog sleep better. – Energizing. For older, lethargic dogs, the right scent can perk them right up and give them some extra pep. This is a very handy way to energize your tired canine before a walk. – Healing. When your dog isn’t in good health, it`s hard to know what to do for them, but there are dog aromatherapy treatments for many of the more common ailments, including nausea and cough. – Pain relief. For dogs with arthritis, aromatherapy can be very effective in alleviating the pain and making them more comfortable.

A great benefit that most pet owners don’t consider before getting into dog aromatherapy is that they will also be affected by the aromas. If you are using a peppermint essential oil to energize your dog, you?ll find yourself having more energy, as well! It?s a fun side effect of treating your dog and can be very relaxing as you share this experience with your canine friend. Choose essential oil blends that you can both enjoy for a true bonding experience.

Dog aromatherapy may be a fairly new addition to pet therapies, but it is an effective one. Experiment with different essential oil blends and products to find which ones work best with your dog. While you could mix your own, it?s often best to opt for a professionally formulated and tested product that is designed with specific benefits in mind. As more people become aware of how great it is for their dogs to benefit from this new therapy, more wholesale dog products are becoming available. This means more options for dog aromatherapy in your own home.

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