Carin Terrier Is One Of The Non Shedding Dogs

If you are looking for one of the non shedding dogs, then the Carin Terrier fits the bill. This lively breed average 4-6 puppies per litter and lives around 12-15 years. They are not that bog, 9-13 inches high and 13-18 pounds.

The Cairn Terrier is an ideal dog for those who love an intelligent, energetic, and happy a pet for the family. These breeds are extremely loyal to their owners and possess an outgoing personality despite their small size. Cairn Terriers are naturally bred as watchdogs, but can be very aggressive at times when they are not socialized enough while they are young.

They need to be socialized when they are young so they do not become over aggressive. As an owner of this member of the non shedding dogs, you will need to keep them away from larger dogs to avoid an injuries. Be careful with this small dog breed around their food or toys, as they can become possessive of their things.

The kids can play with this breed in the back yard by having it chase after balls or toys. They are non shedding dogs, so even if they romp inside the house they will not leave a bunch of hair behind.

Grooming this breed from the non shedding dogs group is pretty easy. Use a pin or bristle brush for grooming the soft inner coat and outer hair every other day for best results. Pay special attention to the inner coat of this breed of non shedding dogs, because that is where the soft fine hairs are and can become matted rather easily, which can cause skin problems.

One good thing about Cairn Terriers is that they can easily adapt to live in small spaces. They are likely to put on weight, however, if they are not allowed to exercise regularly. It is recommended that the owners provide them time to romp, run and play in an open area or yard.

One can also take them for a walk, or play some fun games with the family such as fetching a stick or chasing a ball. As long as the owner provides them the right amount of exercise in an increasing manner, they can be good companions in jogging. Cairn Terriers, when socialized with the other breeds, also love to play with their dog companions and do self-exercise. However, they are prone to have patellar luxation and therefore should not allow them to try jumping activities.

When training them do not use boring routines because they will not obey after a while. Yet, change up their training routines on a regular basis to keep their attention. Also, this breed is sensitive, so when you reprimand them do not be harsh, but just withdraw your attention and ingnore their behavior for a few minutes.

Want to find out more about non shedding dogs, then visit our website and get the specifics on a Cairn Terrier and why they shed less hair.

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