Classic and Comfortable Dog Baskets

Getting your dog a dog basket can give it one comfortable place to bed down. They give of classic looks and natural feel; they won’t look out of place indoors and outdoors.

Dog baskets have a lot of similarities compared to dog beds. A dog basket has a woven exterior and a removable cushion inside. This can be quite an advantage because dog baskets can be easily cleaned once you remove the cushion. You can then separately wash the cushion cover.

When looking at a dog basket you will notice that it has a classic look of a hand woven wicker basket. They are like picnic baskets, only longer in length. They also come in different colors; most of them are in earth tones. You can select along chocolate brown, sandy brown, ebony, cream and off white.

Dog baskets can be bought in department stores, pet shops or pet clinics. A large number of wicker baskets can be bought from China as well. You can get them cheap via whole sale. They are handmade and are of high quality. They are made from top grade raw materials such as rattan.

There are also synthetic materials that mimic the look of hand woven. They are a bit expensive but are also very sturdy as well. You can be assured of a clean and comfortable resting place with this type of dog basket.

Dog baskets though are not for every dog. It is ill advised to let puppies stay on a dog basket because it can be easily chewed at. Splinters can be swallowed and can injure your pet. The same goes for dogs that love chewing such as pit bulls. A dog basket is not exactly chew proof so have this in mind before you actually purchase one.

With these words, I hope you can be able to find a suitable dog basket for your dog to stay in.

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