Dog Obedience Training Using the Positive Reinforcement Method

by jim crihfield

Dog obedience training is certainly not a very trouble-free job. There are some factors that could pose as roadblocks, such as communication differences. However, it is important that you provide him with proper dog behavior training, so both of you can discover how to co-exist agreeably.

Here are several positive reinforcement methods that you can apply:

1. Think up your command words. One of the elements to basic dog obedience is coming up with your own commands or cue phrases. These are words that will allow your dog to perform a specific action. The common ones like sit, come, lie down, stay, roll over should be taught while your dog is still a puppy, so he can have more time to make them a habit. Furthermore, practicing this will help you be in command of the responses and movements of your dog.

Remember when thinking up command phrases. It is important to stay constant. This will help you from puzzling your dog. If you want your dog to sit use the word Sit. Do not use the word down for the word down is used to have them lie down or to get off something. You want a different response for each word or phrase you use. Being constant will help you from puzzling your dog.

2. Unearth the reward system. Think about it when you’re at work, doesn’t the reward system work. You work harder to get that bonus if your place in employment offers you one to achieve a certain quota. So when you’re using dog obedience training, give a reward. If your dog makes a good decision over something, or if your dog follows your instructions properly, give them a reward. It doesn’t have to be treats all the time. Some dogs will be pleased about it if you can spend time with them afterward.

If you’re worried about your dog becoming overweight while training, consuming all those treats, a great reward to try is spending time with them. Whether it’s giving them a hug or petting them or playing a game of fetch they will love you for the attention.

3. Read dog online training programs and manuals. You don’t have to completely rely on your own ability when it comes to dog training. By reading what experts have to say, you will have better insight on how to go about more difficult situations, such as your dog eating their poop, or dog biting and nipping. Remember education is important, and with knowledge comes empowerment to help you be the alpha dog!

4. Build a strong connection with your dog. It is vital that your dog trust you. It is much easier to teach dogs new tricks and commands when they do. For that to happen, your dog must be your best friend. Use positive reinforcement to teach and not corporal punishment. Make them feel safe and secure and give them plenty of love and attention.

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