Dog Training Uncovered

by John Savage

Training your dog is no easy task; any pet owner can tell you that. While many dogs are very eager to please their owners, the bottom line is that they really don’t always understand what it is that you are saying and they have very, very short attention spans. These factors can make things difficult for even the most patient of owners, but before you are tempted to throw in the towel, let us consider some simple and basic dog training aids that you can use to help you along the way.

One of the best dog training aids that you can employ is to emphasize rewarding your dog for what he or she does right rather than simply punishing your dog when he or she does something wrong. Dogs crave attention and approval from their owners and will do just about anything to get it. If you want your dog to learn potty training, reward her when she goes in the right spot in the yard just as much as you scold her for going anywhere else. Many people neglect to include this positive reinforcement as part of their dog training aids arsenal, but that approval and affection can go a long way toward getting your dog to do what you want her to do!

Are there any training aids that we can purchase in order to help us with our dogs behaviour? Yes there are a number, and a visit to your local pet store will be quite an eye opener. Some of course are much better than others, as you would expect. Take for example dog leads. Nowadays, the experts tell us that choke chains and collars are not a good idea because they are of little benefit when training, but, a good study lead and collar on the other hand can work wonders when trying to get your dog to obey an instruction. Muzzles are another aid, not something that I like, but some people say that it help control a dogs barking both indoors and out.

Another weapon in your arsenal of dog traing aids is the good old fashioned grooming brush. Most dogs just love the time when they are groomed, and they also love having a toy to play with. Give them a chewy top and you will keep them happy for hours, and they won’t be looking to chew the furniture or get up to mischief. Another basic aid is you, yes, your playing with your dog is not only great fun for both of you, but it will make sure that he or she has little energy left to get into trouble. It does not cost anything to play, so make sure you do.

A final word to say about bathing your dog. They can be trained from an early age to enjoy this providing you use the right equipment. The shampoo that you use needs to be dog shampoo, not human shampoo, and a conditioner is helpful in order to making the combing activity easier later. Have a good size towel handy, and if necessary a leash in order to restrain them. You can make this an enjoyable activity for both of you providing as I said earlier, you start at an early age.

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