Easy Havanese Potty Training

by Fiona Kelly

If you want to avoid the embarrassing odors in soiled carpet or the expensive cost of replacing all of your carpets it would be best to begin your Havanese potty training. In deciding whether or not to send your little friend outside or inside to go potty you need to consider your lifestyle and living arrangements in order to pick the best method for both you and your Havanese. Do you live in an apartment with no yard or in a house with a private and safe yard? Are you home a lot to be able to take your dog outside or will he or she be left indoors for many hours at a time with nowhere to potty?

Some things that you may want to consider when picking a location for your puppy is whether or not they will have easy access to the area or even if there is proper and safe yard space for them to go outside to.

It is important to cover all options and think in advance of all possible situations that may arise in order to keep the training on track once you have begun it. Make sure it is somewhere that your little friend will have easy access to.

Now that you have decided where you want to start your Havanese potty training, you need to think about how to actually get them to go where you want. For puppies and dogs who will go outside, I prefer the bell ringing method as it is a way for your puppy to let you know they have to go without loud barking or scratch marks on the door or trim work.

A favorite is the bell ringing technique. Hang a bell low enough to where your puppy can bump it with its nose. Each time you go to take your puppy outside, stop to ring the ring by gentle bumping the bell with the puppy’s nose.

If you feel training your Havanese to go inside is best, you may want to pick a location that will be their special spot to go. Make sure this isn’t an eating area or a place where there is a lot of traffic and place an absorbent pad lined puppy litter box down. Every time you see your puppy needs to go potty, take him or her there. And soon, after enough practice, your Havanese will go straight there without hesitation and the absorbent pads are perfect in the sense that you can easily pick them up to throw away.

While it may seem like a never ending process to potty train your Havanese, I can promise that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it soon will be over. Like any other training, Havanese potty training requires patience on the part of the owner. Try to make sure you are always focused and that you remain calm. Your puppy can pick up if you are unhappy and this can cause stress on the training process.

Just like you would want to praise a child for well-done work or excellent behavior, you will want to do during Havanese training. Give them the praise and attention they deserve for being on the right track. This encouragement will make sure that your puppy continues with their training. To make housebreaking go as quick and painless as possible, start Havanese training as quickly as possible after brining him or her into your home. And if you haven’t started yet, it is never too late to start.

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