Effective Labrador Training

by Brooke Sunderland

Labrador training involves every aspect of your life with your dog. This means that you must discourage behavior that is cute now that your dog is a puppy, but will be unacceptable when they grow older. We often reinforce bad behavior unknowingly and think that our dogs are at fault. Just like children dogs learn what is right and wrong from its surroundings.

The longer you leave training the longer you are allowing bad behavior to set in and remain a habit. One of the first things you can teach a puppy is how to answer to its name or to calls. This is a very basic command but it’s an important one. Without it you will have unruly dogs that will not obey you. Make training fun and keep it short but consistent. Repeat training every day and this is the best way to make progress.

Practice the same commands everyday with your dog and make sure to have plenty of rewards with you. As Labradors are very loving dogs it’s important to keep up the praise and constant patting every time something is done right.

You also want to start working on things like playing fetch. This is a great way to exercise your dog and you and your dog will have plenty of fun. You might sometimes have the problem of your dog picking up the stick and then dropping it half way.

If this happens don’t worry you can easily amend this. Simply run in the opposite direction the stick was thrown as soon as the dog picks it up and it will run to you with the stick. Lots of praise after will make sure your dog always runs to you with the stick.

You must command respect from your dog. This means that you must nip all bad behavior in the bud before it becomes a problem. If something is unacceptable show his with your tone of voice and lack of attention. Labrador training is very effective when you use just your tone of voice. Labradors are very sensitive to this and they are intelligent dogs as well.

If you would not be pleased with your dog breaking the rules then don’t break the rules yourself. Allowing one thing one day and then not allowing it another will confuse your dog. It will not know how to behave or what it should do.

Some Labrador problem behaviors like destructive chewing are a result of boredom. Labradors shouldn’t be left alone too much. They love human company and like to play lots, chew toys are sometimes not enough. So make sure someone is at home to play and entertain your dog.

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