Everything You Need To Know About Dog Collars

If you buy only the cheap dog collars at the dollar store or big box store, you’re selling your dog short. When your dog is done with his bath he eagerly waits for you to put his collar back on him, right? It is because he loves his dog collar. Your dog loves to show off his collar and feels naked without out. A nice, fancy collar would likely make him or her very happy.

Types of Dog Collars

There are many types of dog collars. Some you use only when walking your dog because as the collar is tugged, it tightens. You don’t want to use this collar on your dog at any other time but walk time. There are also buckle types. These are the type that are like a buckle on a person’s belt. It is a little old fashioned, but a nice, stylish look. The snap collar has a closure that snaps together and this collar is good for all the time use also. Then there are the decorative collars. These are like necklaces and made with fancy bead-work or chains and used only when the dog is dressed up. They are very fancy.

Where to Find a New, Cute Dog Collar

Beautiful and fancy dog collars are sold by the artists that make them by hand. You can find those artist’s websites by doing a search with your favorite Internet search engine. Do a search for the words “beaded dog collar” or “fancy dog collar” and you’ll find lots of artists who sell the fancier dog collars. You can also find these artists on websites that cater in handmade goods like Etsy or ArtFire.

What Size of Dog Collar to Buy?

You’ll need to measure your dog’s neck and then add an inch to two inches to that number. You need to allow extra growing room for the dog. He or she might suddenly put on weight and you do not want the collar to be too tight around the neck.

Dog Collar Colors

There are many colors to choose from. Find a color that is complimentary to your dog’s fur for the best look.

Materials of Dog Collars

The soft vinyl fabric that is woven is the most popular, carefree material these days. Also available on the market are leather dog collars and beaded dog collars. Whatever the artist likes to work with is fine and those materials are all sturdy and hold up well.


The dog collar is going to be your favorite keepsake for after your dog passes away. You can make a shadow box to remember him by and fill it with his toys, his dog clothes and his collar then hang it in your living room.

Here are examples of the variety of dog collars for small dogs and large dogs. There is free shipping for collars and dog clothes at SwankyCritter.com.

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