Five Easy Ways To Take Great Siberian Husky Picture

by Andrew Preston

Wouldn’t you love to have a picture of your beloved pet on a sweatshirt, a mouse pad or a calendar? By following five tips for taking great Siberian Husky pictures, you’ll soon learn to take professional quality digital photos of your pet with an in expensive digital camera or camera phone.

In no time at all, you’ll have Siberian Husky pictures so clear and vivid, you’ll want to upload them into a digital photo frame and display at your office or in your home. You’ll have pictures worth printing and putting in your scrapbook. You’ll have pictures that will be perfect for your computer desktop wallpaper, pictures perfect for screensavers and pictures worth sharing with your friends online. Your dog is always there for you, and these five tips for taking digital pictures of your Siberian Husky dog will help you capture your Husky’s personality in pictures.

Taking digital photographs saves you money over traditional prints from film. With digital photography, you only pay for the pictures that turn out. Blurry shots, overexposed frames, red eyes and other shots where your Siberian Husky doesn’t look his best disappear into the trashcan with a click. If you take an awesome picture of your Siberian Husky but the image is too dark or too light, you can use a photo-editing program and easily correct the tint and save a great picture.

Tip number two is to use a helper. When you’re trying to take great pictures of your Siberian Husky, you need someone to help you stage the dog, pose the dog, chase the dog, groom the dog, light the dog – you get the idea. Find a friend whom your dog likes and who likes your Husky, and ask if they’d be willing to act as your helper for a few hours and help you take pictures of your Siberian Husky. With the Siberian Husky’s confident, free spirited personality, these photo sessions can be a lot of fun.

Tip number three is to use a backdrop for the best Siberian Husky pictures. The Siberian Husky, with its white coat, looks great when photographed against a dark colored background. On the other hand, the Husky also looks spectacular photographed in its natural habitat, like a snowy landscape. Your backdrop should be uncluttered so all the attention is focused on your Siberian Husky.

If you’re taking pictures outside, you will find that the white coat of the Siberian Husky looks good against just about any background. Huskies are a natural when photographed against a snowy background, so take plenty of pictures during the winter season when nature creates the perfect backdrop for you.

Tip number four is to use toys to add interest. Select a few colorful dog toys or a cute stuffed animal to add interest to your Siberian Husky pictures. If your Siberian Husky is a puppy, the objects will help emphasize how tiny the puppy is and make him or her look even younger and more appealing.

Tip number five is to get down to your dog’s eye level. The best dog pictures are taken at the dog’s eye level, especially the Siberian Husky, with its beautiful, unique eyes. Your elbows make a natural tripod, and if you’ve been taking pictures standing up, you’ll be amazed at the difference. Follow these simple tips, and soon you’ll be taking amazing pictures of your Siberian Husky.

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