For Healthy Puppies Visit Great Dane Breeders In North Carolina

The Great Dane, the Apollo of dogs, is one of the largest and tallest of the dog breeds. They are sometimes called ‘the gentle giant’. It did not originate in Denmark, despite the name. It certainly has mastiff breeding in its background. If you would like to buy a puppy, Great Dane breeders in North Carolina will be keen to match you with a dog that suits your personality.

If you show interest in a pup, be prepared to be quizzed about your home environment. If a breeder has a waiting list, this is a good sign. It will mean that, although you may have to wait a while, your pup will have been bred from healthy and well-adjusted parents.

Massive and powerful, the males measure at least 30 inches at the shoulder. Depending on the age, height and build, males weigh from 90 to perhaps 200 pounds. Females tend to be longer in the body and not as heavy as males. Apart from heavy bones and a massive frame, Great Danes have rectangular heads, muscular necks and deep muzzles. The tail is never docked. It is thick at the base, tapering to hock level. Early in their history, the dogs were used to hunt wild boar and bear and have remained fast and nimble.

They are placid dogs. Some are trained as watchdogs but their size and deep bark are a good deterrent even in a family dog. They do not bark much and don’t need a lot of space. They should be exercised very day as should every dog. The larger the Great Dane, the less healthy it may be. It is not a long-lived breed. Heart and joint disorders affect some. Bloat is a problem for many large dogs. Minimise the risk by feeding several times a day rather than once. A dependable breeder will have had his stud animals checked for any genetic disorders.

There are a variety of coat colours to choose from. Harlequin is a popular colour. The base colour is pure white with irregular black patches over the entire body. Other colours include fawn, brindle, blue, black and mantle. The latter is black and white with solid black extending over the body, a white muzzle, white chest, tip of tail, white collar and optional white blaze. The coat is short and smooth and will only need brushing with a firm bristle brush.

Try to visit several breeders. Watch the interaction between the pups in a litter. This will give an insight into the pup’s potential character. Try to view the parents and take note of the nature of the mother. Puppies often adopt a similar personality to their dam.

Look for inquisitive, friendly puppies that have been well-socialised. If a puppy has a pot belly, it should be rejected as a potential pet as it may have worms or it may have been fed incorrectly. Don’t be pushed into making a hasty decision when choosing a puppy.

The Great Dane is a distinctive dog with a regal air. It has a playful but kind nature and is very devoted to its family. It relates well to children. The dog is well-balanced and never clumsy. The stride is long with good reach with the forelegs and good drive from behind. Being such a large dog, proper socialisation and obedience training is very important. Contact Great Dane breeders in North Carolina if you are considering a new pet.

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