Genuine Breeders Will Be Pleased To Show You Poodle Patti Pups

If you are looking for poodle parti pups, there are many dedicated breeders who will be willing to help you find a suitable companion. The attractive patches of these two-toned dogs have brought about a strong demand for puppies. The historic drawings, literature and paintings of the breed, from the 1700s onwards, show many examples of parti-colored poodles.

Toy poodles are ten inches or less at the shoulder. There are tiny toy poodles for sale in magazines and newspapers. The breed is quite high maintenance. They need lots of mental and physical stimulation. They are creative at finding their own amusement if they become bored. Poodles are one of the most easily recognized dog breeds. Their elegance and dignity appeals to many as does their affectionate and loving nature.

The curly coat may be allowed to form tight cords or it may be combed out. The coat is single and very little is shed, enabling the breed to be listed as hypoallergenic. Dog-lovers who are allergic to most breeds may find they do not react to poodles. However they should spend some time with a potential purchase to ensure they have no adverse reactions.

Thorough grooming is important to prevent matting. Show dogs are usually prepared by professional dog-groomers. In its early days as a retriever, shaving off much of the hair made the dog more buoyant as it wasn’t weighed down by a sodden coat. Tufts of hair were left on the joints to provide some warmth and the chest and shoulders were not clipped. The pompom on the tail helped the hunter locate his dog on the water.

Young dogs are shown in a Puppy clip. Older dogs are shown in an English Saddle, Continental or Sporting clip. With all clips, the hair on the topknot is not shaved but left free or secured with elastic bands. Show clips are very elaborate and time-consuming. Most owners opt for lower maintenance cuts which they can do themselves.

Originally developed as a retriever, the harsh, dense coat is water-resistant. Poodles enjoy the water and are good swimmers. Those who own toy parti poodles will enjoy participating in obedience and agility classes. Many circuses employed the breed in their performing dog acts.

Poodles are susceptible to ear infections and regular inspections should be carried out. Addison’s disease is the most common disorder for the breed. Torsion or bloat is another problem. Feeding several small meals each day will help lessen incidents of torsion. With good care and a sensible diet, poodle parti pups will live well into their late teens.

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