Get Poodle Paper Training Right

by Lisa A Collins

For most people, the reason they will not allow a puppy into their home is because they understand the mess that is involved during the training period. But once someone gets their mind set on bringing a dog home, they tend to forget about all that fuss and start to focus on what they are going to call it and what little toys they can bring home for him or her.

It is best to start thinking about how you are going to handle such things as Poodle paper training before the puppy arrives. But even if you did not and the puppy is already sitting on your lap, there is still time to put some Poodle training into effect and make that puppy understand the house rules. And the first house rule should be that your carpets are not their potty place. While messes will naturally happen, they do not have to keep happening and that is because you are going to train your puppy.

Now of course you have come to a point that you know that proper Poodle paper training is needed and that is either because you have read some dog training books that suggested it or you stepped in something that was not so nice and pleasant. Either way, it is better late then never when it comes to Poodle training, as you cannot allow your puppy to rule over you and the house.

Almost every single pet supply store you walk into and almost all department stores will sell pee pads in their dog supply department. These pads are specially scented to attract your puppy to them so you should not have a lot of problems getting them to use the pads.

These pads are treated with something special that emits a scent that only can be smelled by the dog and actually is something that attracts to the dog to the pad to do its business.

Now that you have the pee pads home, you are ready to begin your Poodle paper training. First, you need to see where your puppy normally goes and then you should decide where you would prefer them to go. In the beginning, you will want to lay down a few of the pee pads right in the area where he or she normally goes so they can discover it and start to make use out of it.

After he or she has discovered the pee pad and has began to use it, every few days or so you will want to move it in the direction of where you would really like it to be at. Do not just move it three rooms over in one day as puppies may have a hard time locating it and then just go wherever they want.

Every time you move the pad a few feet, leave it there for a few days so that the puppy can find it and just used to using it. Before you know it your puppy will be completely trained and will go in a location that is more suitable then under your dining room table.

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