Holistic Dog Health and Your Dog

Holistic dog health care is becoming a natural way for pet owners to ensure that their cherished pets are at their healthiest, living long, happy lives to the absolute fullest.

In considering a dogs health,maybe nutritional needs are the most important aspects,a dogs nutritional needs are somewhat different from a humans and need a certain balance of nutrients,vitamins,and minerals to make sure everything from their digestive systems to the skeletal system, joints,and organs also the skin and coat are kept as healthy as possible. Holistic dog diets usually require proteins, veggies, and grains minus extra fillers and over-processed foods.

Herbal Alternatives to the Health of Your Dog

Using a variety of essential oils, plant extracts, herbs and flowering essences, people have treated numerous ailments and conditions over the past thousands of years. As more and more owners of dogs are looking for more safe and healthy ways of treating their pets, ancient healing practices have found their way into the field of pet healthcare in the recent times.

Some plants commonly used for treating ailments in dogs include calendula and chamomile. Both help heal wounds, and chamomile is also helpful in treating respiratory issues too. To help your dog to recover from constipation or bowel disorders, you can try crushed flaxseed mixed with lot of water. For dry, sensitive skin, oats are helpful for dogs’ skin as with humans, and if your puppy cannot sleep well, the smell of lavender may help them relax so they may sleep soundly.

Be sure to do your homework before using any herbal concoctions on your dog. Some herbs and flowers can be harmful or even toxic to animals or people. In addition, you should be sure to consult your dog?s vet and get his or her advice when you?re thinking of switching to holistic healthcare and so-called ?natural cures?.

Holistic Veterinary Care.

In recent years, thousands of veternarians have made holistic dog health a greater part of their practice. A vet practicing holistic pet medicine cares for the whole animal instead of just finding a specific problem and prescribing a single therapy for that particular trauma or disorder.

As an example, if your dog presents with a skin rash displaying symptoms like itching, irritation, redness, and possible infection with concomitant fur loss, a presciption from a “traditional” vet would certainly include an antibiotic and maybe an ointment for the itching.

A holistic veterinarian will be more concerned about the source of the rash and why it happened even though they may still prescribe the two remedies. Keeping holistic care in mind, the dog’s indoor and outdoor environment, its daily lifestyle, eating habits and nutritional intake are all to be considered before diagnosing or treating the animal.

With all the growing problems with recalls of pet food, decisions as to wether or not to vaccinate pets, possibility for excessive amounts of immunizations, or if we are giving pets too much medication – both as individuals and as a society – owners of dogs are still trying to find good ways to keep their pets healthy and content for as long as they can.

If you’re wanting to look into holistic dog health as a means to improving the health of your dog, the top holistic dog health resource is www.HealthyHappyDogs.com

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