How dogs come to be abandonded

by Colin Peters

Thinking about our pet dogs as a victim of our own abuse can be hard to imagine but under financial pressure, owners often take a first step in abandonment of a pet. People often simply leave their pet by the roadside or in vacated premises.

One recent example of this was a dog left alone and unfed, reduced to eating the plaster off the wall. How can owners be reduced to this level of uncaring? Simply that under pressure, the dog becomes the least cared for member of the family.

There is nothing new here. Dogs have often been left by the roadside in times of hardship. What happens then is they become wild and the sole reason is that they have been abandoned. It is in this state that they need protection.

If you want evidence of a lack of care, consider the recent case of a man now under arrest for suspicion of torturing his dogs. The evidence against him is 40 suffering dogs still in his property and the skulls of dead dogs found nearby. As you might expect many of these dogs are totally frightened of humans. It is believed that the only reason for police intervention was due to vigilant neighbors.

Animal lovers everywhere will be upset by this story and rightly asking how they can stop further dog abuses. The answer is to get more involved where things do not seem to be right.

Watching for tell-tale signs is one way of finding out if an animal is suffering. If no one has been at home for a few days and you know there is a dog inside, then it is not hard to investigate a little, by ringing the doorbell and listening for an animal crying out.

Look up your local animal support number and give them a call. They can then invesigate further and take action to save the dog, if he is suffering.

The humane society is an organization specifically set up to help in these cases. If you were to offer to look after the dog for while they will help by supplying food. It all starts with taking an action that could save a dog from suffering because you suspected something and reported it.

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