How To Deal With Hog Waste Lagoon Issues

Breeding hogs for business may be lucrative but it is also your obligation to guarantee that your farm is clean and environment-friendly. One of the things that you could do is to build a hog waste lagoon but this may also be the start of another problem. Experience has proven that when such a facility is taken for granted, it could prompt certain environmental issues that could harm your livestock and yourself. Therefore, it is only proper that you learn how to treat a waste lagoon in the most effective way.

Unless you manage the lagoon well, you would certainly see the development of crust on the top layer. This happens when the more exposed layer starts to solidify. With the crust on top, it would almost be impossible for you to clean the lagoon. Sludge is another major issue that you would encounter. But if you want to know what would be the first problem that you would find out; it is the bad smell that the facility would emit.

There is always a solution to every problem, no matter how serious it may be. This rule is also applicable when it comes to hog waste lagoons. If you are really interested in making your farm environment-friendly, you should find ways to reduce the negative impact of your waste disposal facility. As much as possible, you should deal with the issues such as top-level crusting, foaming, odors, flies, and sludge. These may not be very easy to work out though, especially when these have become worse.

Fortunately, there are already certain products that may actually provide you with the necessary help for solving the issues mentioned above. Some of these may be based on chemicals that are harmful though. Instead of providing solutions, these may turn out to be the very sources of new problems. Your choice should be a product that is natural and free of toxic chemicals. You should also choose ones that would help in increasing the nutrient value of the hog waste. This would make a disadvantage into an advantage.

A prime example of such product is the Lagoon Agra Sphere. Before, this used to be called as the Agra Sphere LGT and was very popular among hog raisers because of its effectiveness. It remains to be so despite the apparent change of name. If you want to find out how potent this really is, then you should try the product first; a process that would certainly make you convinced of what it could do.

But then, there are times when these issues could no longer be dealt with easily. In such instances, it is only wise to find for a special product meant for solving such specific issues. When it comes to top level crusting, for example, the Lagoon Activator is the best option. This product is actually meant for treating crusting in a hog waste lagoon. There are other choices that you may find though. But if you want something that has been proven effective, it should be the Lagoon Activator.

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