How To Do Chihuahua Litter Box Training

by Sandra Dean

There is no doubt that housebreaking a Chihuahua is probably one of the most difficult things you will ever experience as an owner. The Chihuahua is a very stubborn little animal with a mind of its own and if it does not want to be housebroken then it will not be housebroken. The Chihuahua also hates the elements outside and it is very unlikely to voluntarily go outside when it is windy, raining, or snowing outside. For these reasons some people turn to Chihuahua litter box training.

Before you even get started with the litter box the first thing you need to confirm is whether or not the problem is behavioral or physical. Sometimes a Chihuahua will have some sort of physical ailment that makes it difficult for it to control when it has to relieve itself. So before you start creating habits with your Chihuahua that you will certainly regret down the road you should get your dog in to see the vet first.

Another thing you can try rather than turning to Chihuahua litter box training is to keep up the housebreaking training in the hopes that your dog is just being stubborn. Remember to not crate the dog while you are home and to take it outside after each feeding and after every time you notice it takes a drink. Do not feed your dog or let it drink before you crate it for the night or else it may be unable to hold it until you let it out in the morning and that can cause problems. Make sure you try all the correct housebreaking techniques before you resort to Chihuahua litter box training.

If you are convinced you have tried everything and it is time to use the litter box then place a litter box in the area the dog soils the most. Make sure it is nowhere near their food and water as a Chihuahua will not soil near its food and water. Take it to the litter box frequently during the day and praise it when it uses the litter box for what it was intended.

A Chihuahua will always take the easy way out of any situation and to a Chihuahua a litter box is about the easiest way out of the whole housebreaking situation. They get to stay indoors out of the elements and do their business and get rewarded for it.

There is little chance that they will want to stop that sort of thing once it starts. So the chances are very high that you will have a litter box dog for the rest of its life when you are done with Chihuahua litter box training.

Be careful what you fill the litter box with. You may want to experiment with shredded paper or maybe another organic filler because scented kitty litter will burn through a Chihuahua’s stomach and kill it, and yes the Chihuahua will probably eat the kitty litter.

That is the joy of Chihuahua litter box training. You now have a completely indoor dog that may make you think you should have just gotten a cat in the first place.

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