How To Keep Your Fury Friends Flea Free

At some point almost every pet owner has had to deal with fleas. While the parasites are most prevalent in the spring and summer months they breed all year round and a warm home is a welcome environment when the weather turns cold. A comprehensive approach to flea treatment will prevent a widespread infestation keeping pets and their people happy and safe.

Fleas can make a pet’s life miserable. The constant scratching and biting can cause hair loss and inflammation. Left untreated the infestation can lead to skin infections and a condition called flea anemia. Understanding the life cycle of the insect will go a long way in fighting the battle.

The good news is that fleas have a relatively short life. The bad news is that they reproduce very quickly. The unsuspecting animal is the perfect breeding ground providing both food and shelter for the parasite. Adults lay eggs on the pet which then are spread through the home environment. The eggs hatch and the cycle repeats itself as the newbies eventually land on the pet. And so it continues.

A two-pronged attack is necessary for success in controlling the parasites. One must treat the animal and the environment to break the flea cycle. Vacuum frequently. Carpets, upholstery, and pet bedding can be treated with both chemical and natural products. Be sure it is not toxic to the pet. Shampooing, collars, and topical spot-treatments are top notch for your furry friends.

Whatever regimen the pet owner chooses, consistent use is vitally important to effective pest control. Read the directions and follow them exactly. This will insure success in the safest way possible.

Remember prevention is much better than having the exterminators in to get rid of an infestation.

For more information about fleas and to purchase Frontline Spot On flea treatment for your fury friend then please visit the pet pharmacy.. This article, How To Keep Your Fury Friends Flea Free is released under a creative commons attribution license.

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