How to Make Dog Treats for Your Dog

All experienced pet owners know this, no matter how convenient commercial pet food is, there is nothing quite like serving up a batch of homemade dog treats for your pet. Of course I don’t mean to put down dry kibble, there are good brands out there in the market. However, you can expect a healthier and happier dog with homemade fare. Do you want to know how to make dog treats? Read on to find out how.

Before anything else, have your pet examined by a licensed veterinarian. You need to know the condition of his health so you can make necessary adjustments in his meals. Does the animal have a health issue that warrants a specific diet modification? You can make it in such a way that you find recipes that include food with the needed nutrients in his snacks.

Decide on the kind of treats you want to make for the dog. Generally you can choose if you want the sweet variety or the more savory treats. When you decide on what you want, make sure that the recipe you have does not contain ingredients that are harmful to canines. You can look up these toxic food substances and post it in your kitchen.

After that is preparation time. What are the ingredients you have decided upon? You can select pretty much any kind of meat or fish except for salmon. There have been reported cases where salmon has been the cause for infection on some dogs. Organ meat is also a great source of vitamin A; however overuse of it will not be good for the animal.

If you are looking at serving some fruits, make sure you remove all the seeds that it contains. These seeds can trigger cyanide poisoning which, needless to say, is something we can do without. Consider buying those special cookie molds and cutters with canine-related shapes. It may not mean much to the dog, but its fun and who knows-other people might want to order some from you in the future.

Now you have all the things you need, it’s time to cook them. You can boil the meat, bake the biscuits or just assemble pre-made pieces of food. Ensure that all the bones are removed from the meat before cooking. Cooked bones are known to splinter and these may be a choking hazard for the animal. Cut up the treats in bite-sized pieces to make it easy for them to eat.

After finishing making the treats, what are you planning to do? You might want to make several extra batches so you can store them for future use. You will save money and effort that way. Keep the homemade dog treats in a sealed plastic and keep them frozen. Remember to thaw them out before serving to prevent chilled doggie teeth.

Now you know how to make dog treats-it’s pretty simple right? Just about anybody can do it. Go ahead and start applying what you just learned today.

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