If You Need Assistance With Dog Training Alexandria Trainers Will Be Able To Help

For those who need assistance with dog training Alexandria residents would do well to consult a local trainer. Perhaps you are trying to house-train a pup or your adult pet is willful and disobedient. Consulting a professional trainer will be very useful. They will suggest techniques and strategies which will help you to regain control and thus have a better relationship.

A well-trained canine is a joy to own. Not only that, but should you ever need to give him up for whatever reason, an obedient animal will be more likely to find a good home than a unruly one. Everyone loves their dog. A well-trained one will rarely cause you any headaches.

Even though a puppy might be quite young, he can receive instruction in the rudiments of good behavior. It is not difficult to find socialization and obedience classes in most areas. Many of these are open to both puppies and adults. Socialization teaches dogs how to exhibit acceptable behavior when meeting other pets. This allows the owners to pass the time of day without worrying about pets causing a ruckus.

Much training is done by giving rewards for good behavior and withholding treats for bad behavior or disobedience. This is called positive reinforcement. Of course, it is necessary to be very clear with your commands.

If you want a puppy to sit on command using this method, you can wait until he sits of his own accord, say ‘sit’ instantly and reward him. Another way is to hold a treat over his nose and slowly move it backwards until he sits, then say ‘sit’ and give the pup the treat. Within a very short time span the puppy will connect the word ‘sit’ with the reward and will obey when asked.

If the connection is to be made between command and reward, the treat needs to be given immediately. Once the pup catches on, he will be quick to obey. Always make a fuss of your pup as well as this will please him as much as the reward.

If this is your first attempt at teaching your dog, a private lesson or two is bound to be very instructional. By working with you both, the trainer will be able to suggest techniques to help. Dogs instinctively need a strong leader of their ‘pack’. If dogs sense that their leader is weak or hesitant, they may attempt to take over the role of leader. Some breeds are more inclined than others to want to lead. It is very important that the owner maintains top position and that the dog is always subordinate to him.

All dogs are much happier knowing their proper place in the family social status. It is the owners’ job to show firm leadership so that dogs know they can trust their masters to take care of them in all situations. A private trainer can advise on non-confrontational methods of creating a healthy relationship between the two of you. Problems such as pulling on the leash or jumping up will be addressed in private lessons. Basic obedience will be reinforced. For positive dog training Alexandria pet-owners should seek out local trainers.

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