Increase The Quality Of Life Of Your Dog Or Cat 100-Fold

by Rick London

Since our pets cannot afford lawyers so we have to be their advocates. Much has been discussed regarding the B.A.R.F. diet for pets, but still very little research behind it. I happen to know it works as I almost had my 12 year old stray mutt put to sleep in 1996, at age 12, at the veterinarian’s suggestion, but decided to research a bit more myself before making such an important decision. He lived another 10 years (to age 22), vet-free, except to the very part of his happy life. He was an amazing creature, and the b.a.r.f. diet, and a lot of love and attention provided for that.

The only difference in Thor’s treatment was his food, the new B.A.R.F. diet. I decided as a last resort to switch him from “highest grade pet food” to “raw meaty bonds, fruits, and veggies. I bought a very good processor. Got raw burger, lamb, turkey and such. I purchased kinds of raw meat on the bone, even chicken (only organic due to all the chemical processing). The chicken bone/dog murder is one of the biggest pet myths out there. More dogs and cats choke on kibble daily and no reported case of one choking on *any* raw bone. But I was still skeptical the first month, as he was weak and the toxins from processed foods were leaving his organs. It looked like touch and go. It turned out to be a miracle.

Why is there so little research behind it barf (Stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods or Bones And Raw Foods. Do you think any major dog or cat food company is willing to put themselves out of business to give your dog or cat this kind of quality of life? I don’t think so. And that is sad. But now we have the Internet and are able to find out real information. You may have to change vets if you do it, not all will agree. Some say it is ?cruel?. I told several vets I had my dog on it and that was the exact word. I was livid. I shot back, Cruel that you’ll have to get someone else to pay your monthly German car note?? He didn’t have an answer. And Thor smiled his brilliant smile as if he understood.

There are numerous theories and facts behind regarding BARF and a major one is that dogs and cats are both carnivores and omnivores (which is true. In addition, their digestive system has not evolved that much since when they were wolves and lions (which is true also). Even the American Veterinarian Journal says dogs and cats have “no minimum requirement for any type of grain”. Much of even the top pet foods is loaded with it (cheaper/greed rules), which does not digest, turns to fat, all types of parasites live in fat, and a vicious cycle starts. In addition to the dismal quality of even the “best pet foods”, of which dogs and cats can live (but not thrive), they *must have live enzymes*. This can only be found in live foods. That is the spark that boosts their immune system and their entire beings. You’ll see their eyes clear, fur become shinier, more running and playfulness. I don’t ask you to believe me, just try it for yourself. If you don’t see the change, simply go back to a processed diet for your pet.

But do try this experiment. Grind up some raw burger and veggies in one bowl, his or her favorite canned or kibble food in another. Watch which he RUNS not walks to first. Happens every time. And no more grass eating for dogs. They are getting what they need, so no need to get it from grass. They ignore it. People used to think dogs ate grass to make themselves throw up because they felt sick. They felt sick alright, but that was not the reason they ate it. They instinctively knew they need vegetation, just as any wolf in the woods.

Worried about bacteria? It is extremely rare for a cat or dog to get sick from eating raw meat. The digestive tract of a carnivore is short so that organisms such as salmonella and e-coli do not have enough time to reproduce, and the high acidity of the carnivore’s digestive tract is a very inhospitable environment for these organisms. That is why your cat or dog can eat an animal that has been dead for days and still not get sick. However, people can get sick from salmonella and e-coli, so please clean up thoroughly after handling raw meat! Plus these animals naturally produce and live with these organisms all their lives which are always in their digestive systems.

Expense? You’ll find it more expensive with the BARF diet but not as much as you might think. I fed Thor two meals a day for a total cost of about $3.00 (that includes the herbs (expensive, but just a few drops a day in his water) and bottled water. So you are spending $90 per month rather than say, about $50 or about a dollar more a day. Given the cost of vet visits from the diseases processed food (or even cooked food costs), you probably end up saving about $3000-4000 per year. I know I did, plus a much much happier, more loving, more energetic and grateful animal.

My loving dog Thor has been gone for eight months. But now I am ready for a new one. And whatever I adopt (it will be from a shelter) will be on the b.a.r.f diet, herbs, spring water and daily exercise. Do our babies with fur? deserve anything less than the best?

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