Labrador Problems: Ask For Professional Help If Required

by Brooke Sunderland

The Labrador is without a doubt a very beautiful creature that is also well built and sports a sturdy frame that is almost like that of an athletic animal. The breed comes in a number of skin colors including Black, Golden and Chocolate and in addition, the coat is generally thick and short and the hair is extremely straight. In fact, a Labrador Retriever has a double layered as well as dense coat. The Lab has a very intelligent bent of mind and at the same time he is docile with the elderly as well as with young children.

However, as with any other breed there are certain Labrador problems that every owner will have to look out for including those related to their health as well as their behavior. Nevertheless, the Labrador is generally a healthy animal though it can suffer from hip as well as elbow dysplasia and cataract as well as epilepsy. What’s more, if you fail to give proper Labrador training, or if you let your pet become bored, it could lead to some behavioral problems that can only be prevented by expending some extra effort, and providing better care and proper training.

Although a Labrador is gentle by nature, a puppy that has not been given proper Labrador training can become a bit of a problematic creature and can easily become rather agitated though this may often be due to nothing more than separation anxiety which can cause him to cry and become fretful especially when left on his own. Another common Labrador problem is his being very dominant and though some people go to the extent of neutering their Labrador in order to overcome this problem, it is still not the proper corrective step since it will fail to solve the problem.

A typical Labrador problem that many pet owners will have to deal with has to do with a pet that chews up everything he can sink his teeth into. Such a problem can arise when the Labrador is too energetic and it also occurs when having someone or something invade his territory frustrates the Labrador.

If you notice Labrador problems in your pet that are related to his behavior, you would do well to consult a behaviorist to get some useful leads on how to deal with the problem. In fact, you must be able to provide early and timely Labrador training if you don’t want to contend with another common Labrador problem which is that of chewing up things and also destroying property.

Because dogs have advanced hearing capabilities, they can become aware of things even before humans get wind of these things and thus your Labrador may behave in a manner that is incomprehensible to human beings and so, this is another common Labrador problem that pet owners will have to contend with.

However, Labradors and most other dog breeds as well are not spiteful animals and they do not chew up things to get back at you and thus you need to find out the root cause of the problem before finding appropriate Labrador training methods to help teach your pet how not to chew up your possessions and property.

In case your Labrador consistently misbehaves you would do well to keep a journal in which you should record when the misbehavior took place and what the misbehavior was. This will not only provide you with better understanding of the Labrador problem, but will also help professionals in tackling the problem in a more efficient manner as well.

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