Making Beagle Potty Training Easy

by Michelle Adams

The importance of proper Beagle potty training cannot be stressed enough. It is vital that training be done as soon as the puppy or dog is brought into your home. While everyone wants fun times with their puppies, true stress free living generally isn’t going to happen unless proper training procedures have been put into place and carried out. Consistently is an important factor when training your dog to do anything.

When Beagle training is done correctly, there is no reason why it should take anymore then two or three weeks to complete. The most important thing to remember is not to get angry at the puppy when he or she goes inside. They are only doing what comes as a natural thing to them. It is up to you to remain calm and teach them the rules of their new home. If the puppy is taking a long time at training, the fault may be yours.

It’s important that you try to establish what you want the Beagle potty training to consist of and what your expectations are. And while it is always more desirable to have your puppy trained right away, you do not have to worry if the dog is older when you get him or her as Beagle potty training can take place and be successful at any age. You may even run into a situation after training your dog where they end up needing retrained and this can be done with ease.

You will need to figure out where it is okay for your Beagle to go potty and make sure that they are taken to that place very often. If it advisable that until your puppy can hold their bladder and such for longer periods that you restrict the water and food intake to certain times a day instead of always leaving food and water out.

This Beagle training can be done at any age whether the puppy is still a young one or has grown into an adult dog. It is never too late to potty train. Even an already potty trained dog may need retraining later down the road.

With taking the time to watch your puppy at all times, you will be able to control whether or not he or she goes potty inside or outside. Beagle potty training can be a rewarding experience for both you the owner and the puppy. Every time the puppy goes potty in the right place make sure you praise them so that they understand the actions they just did were pleasing to you. Your puppy wants to please you and will continue behavior that you find agreeable.

The thing that most people do wrong is scolding the puppy when they have an accident inside. Although these animals are smart they do not have the ability to understand why you are mad but they are able to learn to fear you.

Stay positive at all times when training your puppy and if there is a mistake made, clean it up without saying a word and look for the next time your puppy is showing signs of having to go.

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