Managing Aggressive Bulldogs While Training

by Bobby Callahan

The Bulldog is a very sweet natured dog and has one purpose in life and that is to be a devoted companion. They were originally used by butchers to bait bulls, but after that sport ended only sweet tempered Bulldogs were bred. Bulldogs are easy to train if you use the correct methods. They are eager to please and should be trained at a very early age.

The most important thing to do in Bulldog potty training is to make sure your puppy’s crate is a place where he or she likes and never use their crate as punishment. Do not get a crate that is too big for your puppy or he can potty in a corner of it. Make it cozy with a blanket or special toy. Putting a towel or sheet over the crate is another good idea to enhance a cave atmosphere. This is an atmosphere that the Bulldog puppy is accustomed to. This environment will make your Bulldog feel secure.

Bulldog potty training means taking your new puppy outside as soon as he wakes up in the morning. Puppies will not potty in their crates because dogs do not like to sit in their own waste. This is a good reason to have the right size crate for your puppy. After you take your dog outside be sure and praise him when he goes potty outside. Always wait for him to potty when he is outside. Patience is a real key to an owner’s success when potty training a Bulldog.

When you bring him back inside have playtime with him for about thirty minutes and then back outside until he does his deed again. This time when you bring him back inside put him in his crate for a nap. This routine on a consistent basis will easily potty train your Bulldog. If he should have an accident and potty inside your house only scold him if you see him do it otherwise scolding your Bulldog later will not help with his training.

Bulldog potty training will be a positive experience if you keep the main rules in mind. Always give positive reinforcement with treats when your puppy does his deed outside. Always give negative reinforcement when your Bulldog puppy has an accident in your home which you see him have.

And you must always remember to only give negative reinforcement when you actually see him potty inside. The good reinforcement must always come with the negative reinforcement for Bulldog potty training to work. A consistent feed schedule and plenty of time with your puppy also helps in the potty training experience.

It will take a few weeks for him to get the hang of it because he is still a baby but one day it will all fall into place and owner and Bulldog puppy will have a very happy partnership.

Bulldogs are sweet natured dogs and want to please their owner. Give your puppy time to grow into his training and your relationship will always be a happy and healthy one.

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