Marine Fish Aquarium Instructional Guide Torrent

by thulas

Aquarium keeping is the most simple thing pet lovers can do. A few basic steps are involved in fish care once you set up the tank. Some of theses steps will have to be carried out daily and others are only a weekly affair. Fortunately, daily care consists of very simple things to do. It is easy to detect any signs of unhappiness by observing them for a few minutes each day. Stress seems to have a negative impact on your marine animals and it can cause them to become unhappy and fall sick on the long run.

Regularly observe the filters and the lights in your aquarium as this ensures they are working well and are plugged in correctly. Do not forget to give your fish their food everyday. Do not give your fish anything to eat that will remain in the tank after two to five minutes. All food left over after the fish have consumed what they have to will account for waste debris in the tank and will pollute it by adding to the nitrite levels which will cause the fish to become sick. Perform a pH test every week to see if the water’s pH level is still good. Never delay to make the necessary changes, where necessary. When you are buying your fish from your pet store, ask them what levels will be suitable. Every variety of fish can thrive in particular conditions.

You have to spend time to clean the filter too. The waste materials that are produced in the tank due to excretion of the fish are collected in the filters. Unless you clean out these filters, they will simply go on accumulating the waste and will not be able to perform their job well. The filter will also allow oxygen to circulate within the tank and not just allow for removal of wastes. You will find that the cycling of gases within the tank will become reduced in speed if the filters are clogged. This tampers with the oxygen supply in the aquarium. This could also be a cause of the untimely death of your fish. Do not keep the same filter for more than two to three weeks in the aquarium. One indication that tells you that the filters need cleaning is when the water becomes murky or develops bad odor. Your filter could either be simply cleaned with water or need a complete replacement.

Water changing in the aquarium should not be done too quickly. See carefully if you have removed the lights and other arrangements from the fish tank before starting to clean it. Replace about a third of the total water in the aquarium once in every one or two weeks. Water can be added from the tank provided you treat it for temperature, keeping it near two degrees of the water in the aquarium. The retailer at the pet store will guide you on the proper kind of water to be used. Some treatments allow the tap water to be ready in as little as an hour, while others need to sit overnight before being added to the tank.

When cleaning the tank, clean from the sides to scrub out any buildup of alga. While cleaning, do not agitate the fish. Move rocks and decorations to loosen any debris. When the water is being changed, try and remove all of these residual wastes using a small bucket or a siphon to do this. You will have to remove the leaves of the aquarium plants as they die. Use a squeegee soaked in clean water to clean the outer surface of the aquarium. Do not miss out on cleaning the lid and the cover of the tank. Your cleaning is done.

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