Pomeranians Are Very Intelligent

by Rosie Allan

Anyone that owns a Pomeranian will come to adore this toy breed that is small in size and not very tall but which has many other endearing qualities that belies his littleness. Even though it is no more than between three and seven pounds in weight, it has a big heart that gives it courage beyond its size.

For so small an animal it has great courage and is also an exceptional watchdog that suspects animals he does not know and also is suspicious of strangers. With regard to Pomeranian training, the breed can adapt to new situations and will train easily though to get the most out Pomeranian obedience training will require being consistent so that it learns to socialize well with other people and also other animals.

The only drawback to having a Pomeranian is its lack of getting along well with children and also a tendency towards to incessant yapping for which you need to take appropriate steps during Pomeranian obedience training to control. You will also appreciate its level of intelligence when you see how naturally it picks up simple training commands and performs the basic tasks of sitting when told to sit and fetching when told to fetch.

With regard to Pomeranian obedience training, you need to realize that these are ongoing processes that will more often than not take up considerable time and which also depends on how well you teach the pet, how close you are to it and the different training methods used. Once you form a close bond with your Pomeranian, you can expect to see it respond better to its lessons. And though you will benefit from training your Pomeranian, it won’t eliminate all of its behavioral problems though it is a step in the right direction.

The main benefits that you will get from your Pomeranian obedience training efforts would be that once trained, your Pomeranian will at least do the simple things taught to him and do so consistently and readily. It does mean being very patient during the training process and of course you must be very persistent as well.

You would expect that a feisty animal such as the Pomeranian will not train easily, though surprisingly it is ready to learn and given its level of intelligence, it will soon pick up the Pomeranian obedience training lessons that you teach it. Once it has learned the basic training commands, it will make an excellent pet though be sure to get it started as soon as he becomes a part of your family.

When all is said and done, Pomeranian training will prove to be beneficial because despite its feisty nature, it will learn well and thus add a new dimension to its character, although you need to begin this training at as early a stage as possible.

Also, remember that there are no boundaries when it comes to Pomeranian training, and though you may have doubts about the necessity of Pomeranian obedience training, there is a lot to gain since it is far easier to live with a trained dog than having to struggle living with a Pomeranian that is untrained, because these feisty little animals can often prove to be real tyrants when not properly trained. It is far better that you be in charge of your own household.

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