Purchasing Artattack Bengals As Pets

Each of us would like to have a pet to become a companion. Although some people prefer dogs, some prefer cats over dogs too. Artattack Bengals are very good pets to have due to the attention given to the entire breeding process and the temperament of the feline itself. You will find that Bengal cats are way too adorable, indeed.

Bengal cats are the output of cross breeding the Asian Leopard cat with the domestic feline. Breeders just need to be sure that the cats they offer as pets are three generations away from their Asian Leopard parent. Otherwise, they will display the aggression and wild characteristics that the ALC has, making them unsuitable for the home.

Indeed, the breeding process can be expensive and attention demanding. This is why breeders often charge highly to their customers. You need to be sure though that even if the rates are expected to be high, they should just be reasonable for the outcome. Nevertheless, be quite wary about overly cheap rates too, unless you can tolerate a low quality hybrid.

What makes the cat really interesting is its appearance and its unlikely temperament. Physically, they are characterized by the unique patterns of rosettes that they have on their backs. The rosettes can be shaped like doughnuts, horse shoe or paw prints. The background color can be white, ivory, brown or ginger.

You can generally pick Bengal cats in three colors; namely silver, snow and brown. Apart from the rosettes that they have on their backs, they should have stripes on their faces, heads and faces too. Their size should also be higher than other regular cats since their ancestor, the Asian Leopard cat, is a big one.

What makes the cats even more special is their temperament. Unlike other cats that tend to stay away from water on their own, Bengal cats are very much hydrophilic. They got this characteristic from their wild parent who was born a natural fish hunter. They may even join you for a bath in the tub.

Since they are separated by four generations from their parent ALC, they no longer have that wildness in them. In fact, they are very easy to train just like dogs. They love to fetch the things being thrown at them and would like to cuddle. Unlike other felines that have the natural instinct to stay away from dogs, they are extremely playful to the latter.

Cats are very ideal for brightening up a home, especially for people who are alone in their lives. Old women, for instance, love to have cats to care for. Their talkative and loving nature consoles the lonely hearts of these people. However, you need to be quite adamant about setting rules since these cats have the tendency to become stubborn.

Nevertheless, Artattack Bengals will give you the enjoyment you can possibly need from a pet. Just make sure you get information about the hybrid’s parents and the breeding practices involved. You also need to consider the price and the shipping, if you are purchasing online. However, seeing the kittens first is always the better alternative so you can check up on the breeder too.

People wanting to find out about artattack Bengals can find information at www.artattackcats.com. They can satisfy their curiosity about these cats at http://www.artattackcats.com.

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